Leading Consumer Identity Resolution Provider FullContact Partners With New Placekey Universal Location ID To Improve Customer Recognition In Real-Time

Placekey, the free universal identifier for places, launched with the backing of 500+ organizations. Today, Placekey announced a new partnership with FullContact, the industry leader in consumer Identity Resolution as a service. As part of the newly-launched partnership, FullContact has appended the unique Placekey identifier to their Identity Graph, extending interoperability between different SaaS providers using the Placekey as the universal replacement for an address.

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The announcement marks the latest in a string of recent high-profile partnerships for Placekey, among them Accenture, Snowflake, and SafeGraph. The FullContact partnership allows Placekeys to be easily appended to address records, erasing existing challenges to dataset merging based on the fact that addresses and Points of Interest (POIs) are formatted differently across datasets. For FullContact’s customers, the Placekey partnership enables them to use the universal location ID as a join key to Resolve customer data. This gives them the ability to easily join first and third-party data to any number of live datasets, extending data interoperability and decreasing onboarding time.

“Leveraging Placekey enables us to sidestep the complexity inherent in dealing with addresses and location data.”

Ken Michie, FullContact’s VP of Technology, discusses the universal location identifier’s utility, “FullContact is thrilled about this partnership. Leveraging Placekey enables us to sidestep the complexity inherent in dealing with addresses and location data,” he says. “Combining the power of Placekey’s unique location ID with FullContact’s full spectrum Identity Graph, the use cases are only limited to one’s imagination. Given each platforms scalable API, we see a great opportunity to power more in-the-moment engagements for brands around advertising and audiences, regardless of medium.” 

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