Liminal Releases Its Sixth Annual Evolution of the Digital Identity Landscape

Liminal Strategy Partners announced the publication of its 2022 Digital Identity Landscape. Each year, Liminal redesigns its proprietary framework to capture evolving trends and to provide a comprehensive view of the digital identity market ecosystem. As the market matures, Liminal’s landscape provides an unparalleled overview of how digital identity applications are evolving and how intersections across solution segments are shaping next-generation strategies. The 2022 Digital Identity Landscape was also presented today at Mobile World Congress by GSMA.

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“Each year, we agree on the biggest shifts in the market that require adjustments to our landscape. These shifts can be technological, process-oriented, regulatory, or purely based on product-market awareness,” said Travis Jarae, CEO of Liminal. “We test our hypotheses with over 100 trusted advisors and experts to align on what eventually becomes a tool to promote creative exploration and decision making.”

The landscape now includes 31 solution segments, down from 33 in 2021. One of the recent evolutions of this year’s landscape was the addition of product features to solution segment mapping. Based on over 200 client engagements across nearly every solution segment on the landscape, Liminal has identified the most defining product features for each segment.

“We’ve watched the digital identity space evolve from a nascent and emerging ecosystem to a market landscape defined by maturing solution segments. 2021 was a year fueled by M&A and hypergrowth accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jennie Berry, President and Managing Director at Liminal. “In 2022, we anticipate greater focus on user-centric solutions. By placing boundaries around the product feature to solution segment mapping, our landscape has become much more useful for company benchmarking.”

Digital identity is the core of digital transformation. From personal to professional applications, identity is the foundation for how we connect, engage, and interact in the digital economy. As there is increasing consumer demand for privacy and security, digital identity is no longer a nice-to-have; it is a pillar of success. Liminal’s Digital Identity Landscape is a tool to help companies keep track of market growth and trends and understand the strategic importance of the many different solutions moving into 2022 and beyond.

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