OneLogin Eases Adoption of Zero Trust Framework with Delegated Administration

OneLogin, a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM), announced the launch of its Delegated Administration offering, which enables organizations to adopt the Zero Trust principle of least privilege access. By empowering IT administrators to easily delegate access on a granular level, organizations can balance productivity requirements with the need to aggressively protect their organization against security threats.

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OneLogin’s Delegated Administration tool allows organizations to adopt the principle of least privilege access to enable their Zero Trust framework. Organizations can improve their security footprint by granting only the level of access needed to get the job done. By having the ability to provide refined admin privileges based on any combination of user, app, and role, companies can easily balance security with the need to enable the business.

According to a recent survey of over 700 technology leaders conducted by OneLogin, 75% of organizations agree that a Zero Trust model is key to breach prevention. Nevertheless, less than 12% of organizations actually have a strategy in placeIn fact, 66% of respondents have admitted that some or a few users are being granted access privileges beyond what they require. Eighteen percent conceded that all their users have excessive privileges.

“For organizations to adopt a Zero Trust framework, they must embrace the concept of least privilege access, meaning users are only given the minimum levels of access needed to perform their job. However, maintaining this baseline is challenging when organizations must accelerate employee productivity. As a result, IT and Security teams are challenged with balancing the operational needs of the business and maintaining a strong security posture,” said Damon Dean, Chief Product Officer, OneLogin. “OneLogin’s Delegated Administration enables organizations to adopt the Zero Trust principle of least privilege access. Delegating simpler IT tasks to business units, departments, or teams alleviates the burden on IT to support access requests and, thereby, reduces costs, saves time, and ultimately protects their organization against security threats.”

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OneLogin’s Delegated Administration offers organizations three unique capabilities:

  1. Enforce the Zero Trust principle of least privilege across your entire ecosystem: Organizations increase their security posture by better controlling their user permissions, users are more productive because they have the access they need to do their job, and IT teams will be freed from having to regularly audit privileges that are too wide-ranging.
  2. Significantly reduce the risk of privileged account takeover: Reducing the attack surface, especially within privileged access, significantly strengthens your organizations’ security posture and enables a key element of the Zero Trust framework. Plus, Delegated Administration is a huge relief and peace-of-mind for security teams who are constantly on the watch for risks like over-privileged users.
  3. Save time and reduce costs with automated role-based privilege assignment: Employees will have the right amount of privileges for their job on day one, giving them a jumpstart on productivity. Central IT will improve security and increase productivity simultaneously.
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