Onfido Continues Global Expansion With Growth in Eastern Europe and Entify Partnership

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New Partnership Shapes Know Your Customer Industry, Modernising Identity and Entity Verification for Fast, Secure and Convenient Checks

Onfido, the global identity verification platform, announced a strategic partnership with Entify, a leading one-click legal entity verification solution. The announcement reflects Onfido’s growing presence in Eastern Europe and continued commitment to enabling enterprises with Digital Access as a Service (DAaaS) that encompasses digital registration, identity verification, and re-authentication solutions.

Onfido continues Global expansion with growth in Eastern Europe and Entify partnership

Entify selected Onfido to automate identity verification, improving pass rates and accuracy while reducing fraud. Entify’s automated solution verifies all identities connecting to a business, including key individuals and associated legal entities, while Onfido’s AI-powered identity verification technology checks the person is who they say they are. Users are asked to take a selfie and a photo of their identity document, and then Onfido checks the government ID seems genuine and matches it to the user’s face. This ensures the person presenting the identity is its legitimate owner and is physically present.

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The partnership means enterprises can identify users representing legal entities and verify their documents for KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYCC (Know Your Corporate Customer) efficiently and effectively while remaining compliant. Manual identity and document checks are time-consuming, inconvenient and costly to businesses. It also leaves businesses at risk of human error. An automated approach using innovative document analysis and biometric technology enables organisations – not hindering them – to reduce onboarding time from weeks to minutes, improve end-user experience, and reduce fraud exposure.

“As Entify continues to grow in Europe and begins to expand in the US, we needed a partner who can scale with us while providing the highest of standards. Onfido has helped shape our verification process so that we have been able to accelerate growth,” said Neeme Org, CEO of Entify. “Our partnership is pivotal to changing the KYC and KYCC industry by making the verification process convenient for both experts and novices all over the world.”

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“We’re seeing an increasing demand from businesses wanting to simplify the digital customer journey and improve pass rates while simultaneously detecting fraudulent attempts. This new partnership arms customers with exactly that,” said Husayn Kassai, CEO and cofounder at Onfido. “Entify can reach 192 countries opening their business to a global audience with Onfido, providing a fully automated solution that is fast, efficient and globally accessible. This is our latest partnership in Estonia as we continue to displace older methods in the market. Four other businesses in Estonia have already followed Entify and have also become clients of Onfido.”

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