Onfido and FundOf to Empower Content Creators to Monetize Their Work Through Trusted Transactions on Any Platform

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Hong Kong-based fintech and social media startup FundOf teams up with AI-based identity company Onfido to deliver global Bitcoin adaptation to the content creation industry

Onfido, the leading identity verification and authentication company has partnered with FundOf, a tool that helps content creators monetize their content on any platform, to verify the identity of its users and build trust through its community of content creators.

Using Onfido’s identity verification technology, FundOf provides more assurances that content creators are who they claim to be, making it harder for fraudsters to create fake accounts for money laundering or spreading false information. Before starting to earn in FundOf, users verify their identity by taking a selfie and a photo of their ID. After this 30-second process, they can start receiving donations from followers all over the world, including tips in bitcoin.

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FundOf was founded by a group of Japanese and European tech entrepreneurs with the vision of empowering content creators all over the world, regardless of what platforms they are using. Through FundOf, content creators can gather their online presence in one link and monetize it without the need of creating more content for yet another platform. FundOf is a complement to all existing social media platforms.

FundOf answers the question that possibly every content creator has asked themselves: is there an easy way to receive donations, no matter the scale, without having to offer exclusive content? Many content creators don’t want to hide their work behind a paywall. They want it to be free for anyone to access but still enable a form of monetization.

A FundOf profile consists of a landing page with an integrated tipping option where users can add the links to all their social media profiles, from YouTube and Instagram to TikTok, as well as highlight specific content, such as videos, posts and events. The idea is that users then share their FundOf profile in their already existing social media profiles, increasing the chances to monetize the work they’re already producing, on any platform, anywhere in the world.

FundOf promotes spontaneity when tipping in an unprecedented way: from micro-donations to large contributions, both in Bitcoin and in all major currencies, tippers don’t need to sign up in order to send monetary support to their favorite content creators. Tipping becomes as easy as liking. FundOf allows content creators to successfully turn followers into contributing supporters, dramatically increasing the conversion rate in comparison to existing monetization methods like subscription services.

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“The content creation industry has exploded during the Covid pandemic, becoming a $40 billion industry, as people have turned to supplementing their income by monetizing their online content,” said Fredrik Rodievis, Co-founder of FundOf. “Unfortunately, more fraudsters have also moved online, but thanks to Onfido, we can now ensure that anyone receiving money through the FundOf platform is a genuine author and not a bad actor.”

“As more people get into creating their own content, it’s important that their contributions are rewarded in a transparent and legitimate way,” said Kevin Trilli, Chief Product Officer at Onfido. “We bring trust to digital interactions worldwide and pride ourselves on delivering an experience that’s as rapid as it is robust. We’re excited to partner with FundOf to help deliver a safe environment for the monetary exchange between content creators and their followers.”

“We think it should be effortless to support anyone you feel is doing a great job. And we believe more creative people could earn an income if it were a whole lot easier,” said Fredrik Rodievis, co-founder of FundOf. “Onfido makes this easier and safer for all: you can be sure that it’s actually your favorite content creator who is getting your tip.”

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