Sontiq Addresses COVID Vaccination Card Compromises With Secure Identity Vault Storage

Despite warnings from the CDC and news media, many vaccinated individuals are putting themselves at risk by posting images of their vaccine cards online, or unknowingly storing unsecure digital images on their devices. Sontiq, the leader in Intelligent Identity Security, announced that consumers can gain increased peace of mind and further protection of their sensitive medical files by placing the images into a Secure Identity Vault, which is included as part of Sontiq’s identity protection products.

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@Sontiq1 Secure Identity Vault provides consumers with safe, protected storage for #COVID19 #vaccination cards and other sensitive, personal files, as part of its identity protection products.

“Since it’s unclear how vaccine cards may be used in the future, many people are taking pictures with their phones and storing them insecurely in order to ensure they have quick digital access if they need it. While that makes sense, identity thieves and cyber criminals are expert at compromising mobile devices through unprotected Wi-Fi, stolen passwords, mobile takeover schemes and other nefarious means,” said Brian J. Longe, President and CEO of Sontiq. “Physical vaccination cards can easily get lost or stolen. So, if you want to have access to a vaccination card image on your phone, we highly recommend using a secure ID protection app offered by Sontiq. This way, you can safely upload sensitive personal and medical files, including vaccination records, inside a digital vault protected by two-factor authentication.”

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The FBI has warned consumers against posting vaccination cards online as they not only contain a treasure trove of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), but the FBI said identity thieves are using these photos to create and sell forgeries.

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