STUDY: Lotame Panorama ID Yields 83% Higher Viewability Rate for Banana Boat in First Cookieless Video Campaign

Industry-wide collaboration with Xaxis, Xandr and PubMatic proves that Lotame’s interoperable solution solves for cookieless targeting today

Lotame, the only flexible data solutions provider to future-proof connectivity and drive performance across all screens, today announced findings from a Banana Boat campaign to test performance and scale of programmatic audience targeting across environments both with and without third-party cookies.

Banana Boat worked with its agency, Xaxis Miami, to leverage partners for a cookieless addressability solution including Lotame, Xandr and PubMatic. Lotame curated high-quality audiences via the Lotame Data Exchange for Banana Boat’s first cookieless video campaign. Audience segments included demographics (gender, age), interests in family and parenting, home and garden, health and fitness, and sports.

“Not only did Lotame facilitate a multi-pronged collaboration among partners, but we successfully proved that audience targeting delivers on our marketing KPIs and scales in cookieless environments,” said Juan Moron Velez, CEO, Xaxis LATAM. “This is an example of our commitment to provide the best solutions available in the market to the clients that trust in us.”

Lotame shared both cookie segments and cookieless segments using its Panorama ID with Xaxis and its SSP PubMatic. In turn, PubMatic created Deal IDs through its audience solution, Connect, for the audiences to set up an A/B test. Those Deal IDs were made available to Banana Boat through Xandr’s Invest DSP to target.

“The strategic combination of Lotame’s Panorama ID and PubMatic’s Connect validates a powerful model of programmatic performance without reliance on third-party cookies,” said Sam Marc, Senior Director of Addressability at PubMatic. “We look forward to continued collaboration with our partners to lead the industry with future-proofed addressability solutions.”

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“It’s been an amazing opportunity to work together with Lotame, Xaxis and PubMatic, proving that cookieless solutions can deliver excellent results as the ones obtained for Banana Boat using Xandr’s Invest DSP,” said Patrick Casal, Senior Director LATAM at Xandr.

In addition to increased scale across both third-party cookie-restricting and third-party cookie-permitting browsers, the Panorama ID campaign saw:

  • 94% video completion rate (VCR)
  • 83% increase in viewability across Safari and Firefox (verses 61% with cookies present)
  • Beat viewability benchmark by 34%
  • 12% increase in VCR and higher View-Through Rates (VTR) in cookie-restricted browsers

“This collaborative campaign reflects the power to both combat cookie deprecation and outperform existing third-party cookies,” said Sebastian Yoffe, Managing Director, Latin America and US Hispanics at Lotame. “Our PanoramaID continues to provide the data connectivity and addressability that marketers need in today’s advertising environment and the cookieless future.”

Earlier this year, Lotame partnered with MediaMath to conduct a first-of-its-kind cookieless study in Latin America and found that Panorama ID drove 31% more impressions than cookies across all browsers, as well as a 22% uplift in Chrome (where third-party cookies are still available) — representing the incremental reach the Panorama ID has beyond the cookie space.

Launched in late 2020, Panorama ID is the first global, people-based, privacy-forward and interoperable identity solution for the cookieless open web. As the delivery mechanism for an extraordinary depth of rich, pseudonymized data, the average Panorama ID carries on average 200+ behavioral attributes. With multiple integrations and data partners supporting the Panorama ID, the unique identifier has seen tremendous growth in adoption among industry leaders during the past 12 months, including OpenX, PubMatic, Sovrn, Equativ (f.k.a. Smart AdServer), and Sharethrough.

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