Trulioo, the leader in global identity verification, today announced a partnership with Zolve, an innovative neobank. Through the world’s largest marketplace of identity data and services, Trulioo GlobalGateway delivers real-time identity checks that adhere to a diverse range of compliance requirements, prevent fraud and maintain trust and safety online.

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Zolve is a global neobank enabling seamless access to financial products for those who immigrate to work or study in a new country. Due to a lack of local credit history, immigrants face multiple barriers in accessing financial products. Currently serving the India-U.S. corridor with plans to expand to other countries, Zolve is the only fintech that offers a full-stack financial services app, an FDIC-insured U.S. bank account, and a high-limit credit card for new immigrants from the moment they arrive in a new country.

“At Zolve, we are striving to make access to financial systems across borders seamless. In fulfilling our mission to provide a seamless experience for our users, we are thrilled to be partnering with Trulioo to create a reliable and secure product for our customers,” said Raghunandan G., Founder, Zolve.

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Through Trulioo GlobalGateway, Zolve will be able to deliver seamless and secure onboarding and account creation experiences.

GlobalGateway provides access to over 400 data sources to reliably and securely verify the identities of over 5 billion individuals around the world through one API.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Zolve as its aim closely aligns with Trulioo’s mission of ensuring that thin-file individuals and underbanked communities can access critical financial services and participate in the global economy,” said Steve Munford, President and CEO, Trulioo. “This partnership speaks to Trulioo’s acumen in supporting innovative financial services providers and providing secure and reliable identity verification services in an increasingly digital-only and borderless world.”

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