With 15.8 Billion Records Breached Since May 2020, CycurID Announces a Revolutionary New Way to Protect Data, Identity, Authentication and Privacy

CycurID Technologies Ltd.,is pleased to launch its reusable Personal Digital Identity Management and Privacy Platform.

CycurID (pronounced “Secure ID”) is a cybersecurity company that has developed a proprietary reusable Personal Identity Management System that allows for the deployment of identity-based applications and solutions that can be used in any business sector both in the digital and physical worlds. Founded by fintech veterans Gord Jessop, COO, and Mehdi Mehrtash, CTO, CycurID has set out to fundamentally change the way digital trust is built and how personal identity affects the flow and exchange of goods and services.

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The fundamental problem with how people transact online is with authentication of users. Up until now, users have had to share their personal data, putting individuals and businesses at risk. With over 15.8 billion records breached since May 2020, current security and privacy protocols are not doing an adequate job of protecting personal information that is stored by these businesses. CycurID simplifies the authentication process so that individuals can reduce the amount of personal information they share.

“When we founded CycurID, we did so with a few goals in mind,” says Co-founder and COO, Gord Jessop, “One was to make consumers aware of the lack of control they have over their identity, and how third parties use/abuse it. Secondly, we want to redefine how digital identity can be used to create a digital marketplace that is safer, faster, and more accessible for both businesses and consumers. We believe that we have been able to achieve this.”

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More than a reseller or agglomerating third party technology, CycurID has developed a software with a person-centric focus; a secure, closed loop authentication process that prevents the leak of personal information to third parties.

“Businesses and consumers alike need a different way of viewing personal identity and how it interacts with the online transactional process. By placing consumers at the forefront, we have created an identity ecosystem that solves many of the problems plaguing both consumers and businesses in the current online environment.”

“It is time for consumers to become aware of just how little control they have over their digital selves. CycurID’s objective is to fundamentally change how people interact online and to empower all consumers and businesses to better participate in the $60 trillion per year digital marketplace by taking control of their identity with CycurID.”