zvelo Launches Cybersecurity Professional Services for Malware Analysis, External Threat Hunting and Brand Vulnerability Assessment

In response to a growing demand in the marketplace zvelo is leveraging its team of threat intelligence experts to provide cybersecurity professional services.

“The professionals who are true experts in this field are extremely difficult to come by and even harder to retain which puts them out of reach for a large majority of organizations that don’t require extensive engagements or long-term services,” Explains Jeff Finn, CEO of zvelo. “As part of our mission to make the internet safer and more secure, we are leveraging our network of threat intelligence data, as well as our own team of threat intelligence experts, to meet a growing demand among those who are often priced out of the current market for these services.”

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“zvelo’s Cybersecurity Professional Services provide both proactive and reactive capabilities to help organizations address their cyber defense challenges. Brad Rhodes, Head of Cybersecurity at zvelo.”

zvelo’s Cybersecurity Professional Services offering is segmented into three primary services: Malware Analysis, External Threat Hunting, and Brand Vulnerability Assessments.

Malware Analysis is performed to discover hidden attackers actively working to exploit an organization’s network, identify latent infections, and analyze the captured payload.

External Threat Hunting provides an in-depth analysis of an organization’s exposed assets to understand its attack surface from an adversarial point of view.

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Brand Vulnerability Assessments supply organizations with a comprehensive review of its brand(s) to deliver a complete exposure assessment report detailing the specified brand(s) greatest risks and vulnerabilities.

zvelo is also offering customized cybersecurity professional services based on an organization’s specific needs which may include any combination of the above services, or varying types of threat intelligence reporting.

“No organization – small, medium, or large – is safe from today’s sophisticated threat actors conducting cyber attacks,” Notes Brad Rhodes, zvelo’s Head of Cybersecurity. “With breaches lasting for months without detection, every organization needs to plan for the inevitable and have access to needed services when the worst occurs. zvelo’s professional services provide both proactive and reactive capabilities to help organizations address their cyber defense challenges.”