LiveRamp Announces Availability of AbiliTec for Offline Identity Resolution

Accelerates LiveRamp’s Pursuit of Providing World’s Largest Omnichannel Identity Graph

LiveRamp, an Acxiom company, announced it is expanding the availability of LiveRamp’s AbiliTec offline identity resolution platform to its martech ecosystem partners. Since taking ownership of the platform from Acxiom earlier this year, LiveRamp has enhanced the offering to not only serve the needs of marketers, but also those of marketing technology companies. The addition of AbiliTec to LiveRamp’s IdentityLink portfolio strengthens the world’s largest neutral and open omnichannel identity graph by ensuring all players in the ecosystem can create exceptional experiences for their customers.

“In order to be successful, today’s marketers must deliver personalization at scale, which is precipitated by the ability to identify and recognize customers as actual individuals, and not just another number in a data set”

Technology platforms must be able to reliably connect their customers’ data wherever it resides in order to keep pace with a marketer’s needs. With the incorporation of AbiliTec into IdentityLink, companies that are building in-demand products that connect different data sets, like customer data platforms (CDP), master data management platforms and enterprise data warehouses, can offload identity resolution to a trusted, proven partner. As a result, consumers can expect to have a more meaningful and seamless experience with the brands that they value and prefer.

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“When martech platforms demonstrate a cross-channel identity resolution strategy that can seamlessly adapt to the needs of their marketing customers, it unlocks value for both,” said Anneka Gupta, co-president, LiveRamp. “With the new capabilities AbiliTec adds to IdentityLink, technology platforms will have broader reach and accuracy when connecting their client’s disparate data, and can more quickly adjust to changes that occur in a consumer’s life—whether it’s a marriage, move, or contact change.”

AbiliTec is able to resolve disparate personally identifiable information (PII)—name, address, email, and phone number—to a single person, in a privacy-first manner, using sophisticated machine learning algorithms and a patented identity resolution process. AbiliTec applies a unique, persistent Privacy by Design (PbD) identifier to all customer records to create a people-based view of the customer with evidence-based IDs. This, in turn, enables the platform to provide an accurate representation of a brand’s customers and improve targeting accuracy at the personal level. LiveRamp customers using AbiliTec can expect greater reach, higher accuracy, increased interoperability, and advanced insights.

“In order to be successful, today’s marketers must deliver personalization at scale, which is precipitated by the ability to identify and recognize customers as actual individuals, and not just another number in a data set,” said Martin Wexler, VP of strategic business development, TapAd. “We’re excited to see these capabilities made available to platforms as part of LiveRamp’s IdentityLink offering. Providing our clients with an enriched view of their end user will enable them to build high-performing segments for acquisition, cross-sell, upsell and churn-prevention across channels.”

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“With the sheer number of consumer touchpoints that exist across physical and digital mediums, access to data and insights is critical to unlocking customized brand experiences in real time across the enterprise,” said John Nash, chief marketing and strategy officer at RedPoint Global. “LiveRamp provides unparalleled intelligence through its offline identity resolution platform. Through this exciting partnership, we can further unify martech and ad tech for our customers, enabling them to have an even better view of the consumer across the entire lifecycle. With AbiliTec, we can provide our customers with the insights they need to drive contextually relevant interactions with their consumers, regardless of where they are.”

“As a leading CDP, we specialize in helping our clients unify fragmented customer data at the individual level, while also making it easier for marketers to activate across their tech stack. A big part of the value-add comes from our ability to not only unify data across digital channels, but also across offline-to-online environments,” said Cory Munchbach, SVP strategy at BlueConic. “Building unified customer profiles that are both accurate and comprehensive is core to our platform, and we’re pleased to now be able to support this even more efficiently when it comes to capturing data from the offline ecosystem.”

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