Clever Monitor Launches AI-Driven Marketing Automation Solution

Clever Monitor, the global email marketing specialist, announces the launch of Clever AIM, a proprietary email and marketing automation solution designed to strategically optimise how businesses interact with their customers, allowing them to reach the right audience with the right message.

Clever AIM, which stands for ‘Clever AI marketing’, helps medium and large businesses to communicate with their customers and automate a wide range of marketing activities, increasing the efficiency of their campaigns through dynamic segmentation and machine learning.

The software analyses client’s customer behaviour on their websites and recommends personalised content directly, or by sending a personalised message through email by automating the whole process, making it easier and more streamlined for the marketers.

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Clever AIM begins to understand customer’s behavioural patterns and automatically improves open and click-through rates with every communication sent. It uses machine learning to understand the user data as such, Clever AIM clients are able to retain and maximise engagement with client’s existing customers. The software is particularly effective for businesses operating in the fashion, e-commerce, automotive, travel and real estate sectors.

Clever AIM is fully GDPR compliant and it integrates smoothly with third party systems and delivers an intuitive and simple to use environment for a company’s employees.

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Jan Svoboda, CEO of Clever Monitor, comments: “It’s increasingly important for businesses to not only find their audiences, but to also start giving them exactly what they want – at exactly the right time. Marketing campaigns are often messy, complex and inefficient. With our AI-driven solution and functions, we’re offering simplicity.
“Through predictive analysis, targeted automation, and highly automated workflows, we can tackle the entire spectrum of our client’s marketing needs, all in one place. We are looking forward to rolling out our proprietary technology globally, boosting our clients and connecting businesses to customers.”

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