How This Digital Agency Plans to Make Omnichannel Campaigns Quick, Easy, and Powerful is excited to announce the launch of the next iteration of its Omnichannel Marketing Platform, a unique tool designed for printers and agencies, to maximize marketing efforts more efficiently. The platform offers an extensive array of outbound and inbound capabilities all in one place, allowing users the ability to focus on the marketing concepts and strategies without jumping from vendor to vendor. Now it’s easier than ever for printers and agencies to offer as much as a 300% better response rate, compared with those not utilizing an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Printers and Agencies create more revenue opportunities with all-in-one marketing platform:

  • Single all-inclusive omnichannel platform, efficiently deploys multi-channel campaigns in ONE product interface.
  • State-of-the-art solution incorporates today’s technologies including SMS, Facebook lead form, and Amazon Alexa.
  • Increase margins with the added value of multiple outbound digital marketing channels.
  • Single dashboard shows metrics of all channels in a campaign….you see what’s working.

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Printers and agencies can take advantage of’s optimum lead generation platform that focuses on the entire marketing strategy, starting with having quality data. has a built-in data enhancer that not only cleans data but appends emails and phone numbers allowing a more efficient target audience. The platform supports an integrated direct mail strategy that is accompanied by an assortment of other marketing channels, including email, Facebook, Instagram, and outbound SMS. creates a unique marketing toolkit for printers and agencies to gain a competitive edge with a modern solution. also offers several different options of seamless response integrations with direct mail, moving it into the 21st century. Calls-to-actions that invite prospects to communicate through landing pages, phone calls, peer-to-peer SMS, and Amazon and Google voice devices. The platform then ties together all lead generation results from the synchronized tactics and presents the marketer with detailed, single-source reporting in an easy to understand dashboard.

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“ provides an easy way to compare marketing performance across several different channels.  I personally have found it extremely challenging to bounce from vendor to vendor just to figure out if my marketing was working. Having one place to view comprehensive analytics for every marketing channel is a game changer,” says Mike Paine, CMO,

“Our agency is always looking for a competitive edge. allows us to provide a real omnichannel marketing strategy without having to overextend our time and resources.  My clients are happy, and it’s added an additional revenue source so my bottom-line is happy,” says Katie Paganuzzi, of Sales360.

To learn more about how this solution can bring leads and customer engagement to a whole new level, contact today for a free demonstration.

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