Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Singapore 2018 – Less than 4 Weeks to Go

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The Digital Marketing Leaders Summit 2018 is now under 4 weeks away, taking place on September 12 & 13, at the spectacular Marina Bay Sands!

Over the past two years, this summit has experienced global success, in SydneySingapore and Boston. The 2018 Singapore summit will be returning with 25+ digital marketing leaders across industries. After attending this 2-day event, attendees will see what’s bubbling up in DIGITAL MARKETING and be years ahead!

Don’t Miss These Spsaeaker Highlights:

Cheryl Han, Head of Marketing Communications, DHL eCommerce

As Head of Marketing and Communications, Cheryl leads all branding, marketing and external communications globally for DHL eCommerce. Cheryl is an experienced marketing and communications professional with over 12 years of experience in public relations, advertising, corporate communications and marketing consultancy. Her experience spans across various industries including fashion, retail, entertainment, sports and logistics.

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She will present on understanding end-to-end customer journey. After this session, attendees will learn how to look from the customer’s point of view and truly see where customer experience gaps are present and where opportunities lie.

Raul Abreu, Head of Conversational Artificial Intelligence, HSBC

Raul is leading HSBC APAC Business Model Innovation team’s development efforts and business strategy in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Building the next generation of conversational interfaces and products (chatbots, robo-advisors, voice-based assistants) using state of the art machine learning techniques (i.e. advanced Deep Learning models like contextual RNN-GANs) and frameworks.

People are increasingly using messenger apps more than social networks. Facebook Messenger alone has 11,000 chatbots and as a marketer, this is something that can’t be ignored.  Raul will discuss how marketers are leveraging messaging apps and platforms by using chatbots and conversational AI to market their brand.

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Nikhil Sahai, Head of Marketing Analytics, Zalora

Nikhil oversees customer analytics, cross-device attribution marketing, market budget planning and catalog sorting across the Zalora Group: Asia’s leading online fashion destination. He heads the regional marketing analytics team and has 8+ years’ experience in various domains such as e-commerce, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance and transport.

Nikhil will discuss the importance of attribution modelling and budgeting, as every company is spending a huge amount of money in digital marketing, but spending the right amount, at the right time, at the right platform is the key concern that all companies are still dealing with.

Rushit Jhaveri, Vice President, Advertising & Digital, A+ENetworks

Rushit looks after A+E Networks’ portfolio of brands including HISTORY, Lifetime, FYI, H2 and CI. As part of the core management team, he played a key role to launch and lead the A+E Digital Studio. In 2018, Rushit is proud to be co-chair of the IAB Content Committee, dedicated to educating and improving digital content best practices across the industry.

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