Marketo Unveils ContentAI to Strengthen the AI-Powered Engagement Economy

Solution Built For Marketers Personalizes Cross-Channel Content At Scale For Better Customer Engagement

Marketo, the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, has announced Marketo ContentAI™, an artificial intelligence-powered solution that engages each customer with the most relevant content across channels. In addition, the solution uniquely predicts the content most likely to convert each audience segment, helping marketers develop data-driven content marketing plans. This announcement reinforces Marketo’s commitment to providing marketers with leading-edge AI solutions that empower them to win in the Engagement Economy.

ContentAI is the only solution that makes content personalization scalable for marketers by auto-discovering and cataloging website assets and using AI to determine the best content to display to each audience. Marketers personalize their websites, mobile experiences, and email with ease through drag-and-drop content placement, while maintaining control over what is delivered through each channel.

These AI-driven capabilities help brands move toward the goal of one-to-one engagement without requiring a significant increase in resources to tailor experiences at scale. The solution is built natively on the Marketo Engagement Platform, leveraging the platform’s customer data repository for more precise and personalized experiences at every touchpoint.

“Today’s customers expect and demand that brand interactions are relevant, personalized, and delivered at right the moment. Marketo’s survey of more than 2,000 global marketers and consumers found that the number one reason customers do not frequently engage with brands is irrelevant content. With Marketo ContentAI, marketers make every interaction with each customer more valuable, and this engagement drives revenue. In fact, we discovered that, on average, brands who leverage the ContentAI solution experience a nearly 75% increase in clicks compared to a traditional, rules-based approach,” said Manoj Goyal, Chief Product Officer, Marketo.

The following ContentAI capabilities are now available as part of the Marketo Q3 2017 product release:

  • Automated content discovery for easy set up and fast time-to-value without burdening IT
  • The industry’s only AI-powered recommendation engine that predicts the best-performing content for each audience to guide content planning and improve campaign results
  • AI-powered content delivery, which automatically inserts the content most likely to engage and convert each recipient, across email, web, and mobile devices
  • Audience insights for every content asset, so marketers can better understand who their content attracts
  • Key metrics showcasing top content views, conversions, and more to measure the business impact of each content asset

“Marketo ContentAI is built for marketers, taking the guesswork out of determining what content will resonate best with each person who interacts with our brand. The solution enables us to engage with speed and precision by leveraging our audience insights to tailor each experience in the moment and at scale. This gives our marketing organization the control and transparency we need to test and trust the outcomes of our personalized customer experiences,” said David Van Everen, vice president, corporate marketing, Mirantis.

According to Marketo’s latest report, The State of Engagement, nearly 40% of marketers plan to leverage emerging technologies, such as AI and machine learning, to enhance content used throughout the customer journey. This AI-powered technology is essential, as 72% of marketers are expected to prioritize the use of personalized messages and content to engage with their customers.

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