Workato API Platform Accelerates Momentum with Over 2X Usage Growth YoY for 3 Years Running

Workato API platform annual usage expanded with 2.3X more endpoints and a 2.2X increase in both traffic volume and API publishers

Over 50% of the APIs managed with Workato are hosted outside of IT, demonstrating the platform’s intuitive approach for developers and business stakeholders

To further accelerate API Platform momentum, Workato today announced significant upgrades to the platform furthering its leadership in API management by uniquely combining consumer-grade usability with enterprise-scale performance

Workato, the leading enterprise automation platform, shared an update on recent customer momentum and product enhancements to the API Platform capabilities of Workato’s platform. The ability for organizations to build, maintain and consume APIs is a key criterion for enterprise automation initiatives. To address this need, Workato’s API Platform provides full-lifecycle API management as a core capability of its automation platform.

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“The Workato API Platform makes it seamless for our customers to extend and consolidate their existing endpoints for consumption without compromising on performance, scalability and security”

The Workato API Platform is designed to remove unnecessary complexity for managing APIs such as server provisioning and instead focuses on making it easier for developers and business stakeholders to provide and consume APIs. With the API Platform’s intuitive user experience and serverless scalability, organizations avoid the massive development resource and time requirements of traditional API management platforms. APIs can be developed and deployed to address business needs in a fraction of the time while still meeting the performance and scale requirements across the enterprise.

“The Workato API Platform makes it seamless for our customers to extend and consolidate their existing endpoints for consumption without compromising on performance, scalability and security,” said Shyam Jayakumar, Chief Executive Officer, Twenty20 Systems. “The learning curve is extremely minimal for developers, and our customers become more agile to their business needs while realizing quicker value and reduced TCO.”

Boost API Performance & Scale with 50% Reduction in Latency

Workato’s API Platform enhancements focus on improvements in network latency, gateway latency and API implementation performance. To meet the growing needs of more Workato customers located across the globe, the company is adding support for three new data centers located in Asia, in addition to the recent addition of a European data center in Frankfurt, Germany. These additions will meaningfully reduce network latency for customers located across Europe and Asia.

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“The Workato API Platform is now a critical component of our operational processes across our products, customers, sales and more. The speed at which our team is able to learn Workato and build APIs is remarkable compared to other approaches that may take weeks of training,” said Alec Ellebracht, Staff Engineer, Confluent. “The enhancements Workato is bringing to its API Platform to improve performance, caching and elasticity will continue to separate them from other offerings on the market.”

The completion of a comprehensive rewrite of the API gateway has led to a 50% reduction in latency and is architected to ensure the platform can more intelligently scale to handle traffic spikes and fluctuations of all sizes. The updated design also provides the foundation for reducing latency even further moving forward. An upgrade to API caching further improves performance by caching response data for automations and avoiding the requirement to call backend systems or applications. This will also reduce the load on these systems significantly by eliminating a significant number of API calls for popular enterprise applications.

“Our API Platform is designed to remove the traditional complexity of API management. By prioritizing elastic scaling and handling tasks such as authentication, rate limiting, and schema validation by default on behalf of the user, we’re removing technical barriers hindering the broader utilization of APIs in automation initiatives,” said Gautham Viswanathan, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Workato. “This latest round of enhancements to our API Platform prioritized enhancing performance and scalability, proving that our platform can be not only extremely intuitive but also able to handle the demanding requirements of enterprise API management workloads.”

Build APIs Faster with Enhanced Support for OpenAPI Specification

Workato has also upgraded support for OpenAPI Specification (OAS), enabling organizations to improve the speed and efficiency with which they build connections and APIs. This latest update improves the ability of users to take OpenAPI Specifications and turn them into endpoints from which automations are developed. Leveraging this broadly adopted framework dramatically reduces the time it takes for publishers to build APIs while also allowing them to focus more on building the business logic corresponding to the API.

“Workato’s support of OpenAPI Specification allows our team to build solutions with a common framework, cutting delivery time from months to days,” said Jo Anne Sia, Director of Platform Solutions, Insurity Connect. “This not only enables our customers and teams to build connections more quickly, but also empowers them with key automation capabilities.”

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