ZINFI Expands Its Partner Relationship Management Platform with Automated Partner Onboarding and Advanced Learning Management

ZINFI’s Industry-Leading PRM Platform Now Has Automated Onboarding and Advanced Learning Management Capabilities

ZINFI Technologies, Inc., a company leading the definition and creation of Unified Channel Management (UCM) solutions and a leader in through-channel marketing automation and partner relationship management (PRM), announced it has launched more advanced partner onboarding and learning management capabilities in its PRM solution.

The updated Partner Onboarding Management module of ZINFI’s partner relationship management (PRM) platform allows organizations to automate the entire partner onboarding process, guiding partner users through a series of sequential steps and through various achievement levels. Administrators can quickly create customized onboarding programs and automatically assign them to partners based on attributes like company type, field of specialization and location. The new module also includes a program rules engine that administrators can use to automate the partner onboarding lifecycle through a preconfigured flow consisting of action items like partner registration, partner learning objectives, partner target achievements and partner profile completion.

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Specific features of the new module include:

  1. Program enrollment – Vendors can quickly create onboarding programs that allow them to enroll partners directly based on matching attributes. Programs can be made available to specific users, accounts or companies depending on the organization’s business requirements.
  2. Program requirement completion – Program completion criteria can now be automatically linked to specific user tasks. Program completion may be configured for individual users or accounts, or for an entire company.
  3. Program level advancement and benefits enablement – The module allows vendors to link access to additional content in the platform to completion of specific steps or levels in the onboarding and learning process
  4. Program certification and demotion – Programs can easily be configured to automate the awarding of certificates as users proceed through predefined steps. Organizations can also automate the revocation of certifications or other benefits when participants fail to complete specific steps.

ZINFI’s partner relationship management (PRM) platform also includes a dynamic business intelligence and correlation engine (Edison™) that allows customers to track partner onboarding and learning management processes, determine what’s work and what isn’t, and identify areas where processes need to be changed or refined.

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“Effective partner onboarding is a crucial component of any organization’s channel program and their partner relationship management activities. When onboarding and learning programs are sequentially organized, provide appropriate guidance and incentives for completion, and are tailored to specific partner types, partner engagement levels are demonstrably higher from the outset of the relationship,” said Sugata Sanyal, founder and CEO at ZINFI. “We have worked hard to improve our onboarding and learning management tools so that our customers have more control over the process, can provide more relevant and customized programs to individual partners, and can quickly get new partners ready to participate in channel programs and begin generating leads and revenue. Customers can also use our powerful business intelligence tools to track the effectiveness of their onboarding programs and make adjustments and improvements based on the data.”

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