Calix Launches World’s First Experience Score That Measures Premises and Access Network End-to-End, Enabling BSPs to Crush the Direct-to-Consumer Threat With the Ultimate Experience

Together with enhancements to CommandIQ® that present subscribers with more detailed alerts and control of their experience, the new quality of experience score provides a comprehensive view of the subscriber experience so customer support teams can proactively identify issues and engage subscribers to improve satisfaction

Calix, Inc. launched the world’s first comprehensive subscriber quality of experience score in Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud). This capability will further enable broadband service providers (BSPs) to seamlessly understand the entirety of the subscriber experience, from the subscriber premises to the access edge. With these insights into the home or small business, customer support representatives (CSRs) can increase first call resolution rates and reduce field technician deployments, all while identifying new cross-sell opportunities, such as adding an outdoor-hardened Wi-Fi 6 satellite to improve outdoor coverage.

The new experience score is the latest example of how Calix is fulfilling the promise of its recently announced end-to-end solution strategy at ConneXions 2021, enabling even the smallest BSP to win against the direct-to-consumer competitors by going well beyond Wi-Fi. This new capability ensures that marketing, customer support, and network operations teams gain a unified, holistic view of the subscriber experience—spanning a BSP’s entire subscriber facing network—from the edge of the data center to the subscriber’s premises; something that no direct-to-consumer competitor can ever achieve.

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“With every Support Cloud release, Calix offers us new capabilities to excite our members, cut costs, and grow value for our communities. We expect the new quality of experience score to do all three”

Support Cloud, which is improving millions of subscriber experiences daily, provides CSRs with actionable insights to proactively solve most subscriber issues without involving technical or field staff by tapping into the power of aggregated data analytics from both the subscriber and access networks. For example, Silver Star Communications is resolving 75 percent of trouble tickets without a truck roll and achieving an overall 35 percent reduction in unnecessary truck rolls. With the new quality of experience score—coupled with enhanced functionality in CommandIQ®—BSPs can gain the insight and tools they need to provide proactive support and achieve these key benefits:

  • Accelerate call resolution: This single actionable metric captures the entirety of the subscriber quality of experience, eliminating the time-consuming, manual process of analyzing disparate alerts to troubleshoot the subscriber experience, resulting in lower operational costs.
  • Improve customer experience: Unlike metrics provided by Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS), Support Cloud generates an objective quality of experience score—without requiring input from either the customer or CSR. This allows BSPs to establish a new KPI to measure and improve customer experience and support operations.
  • Discover cross-sell and upsell opportunities: Leveraging the experience score, CSRs can identify potential issues subscribers might experience. This means they can proactively send subscribers targeted offers (like upgrade packages) to promptly introduce new service options that meet subscribers’ real-time requirements.
  • Excite subscribers with “self-serve” capabilities: To avoid calls to the help desk, Calix has enhanced the CommandIQ mobile app with additional self-service functionality. For example, new alert capabilities in ExperienceIQ can educate and empower subscribers to manage their parental control experience. Subscribers can also access popular in-app features (such as running bandwidth tests or setting network priorities) along with QR-code network sharing.

“With every Support Cloud release, Calix offers us new capabilities to excite our members, cut costs, and grow value for our communities. We expect the new quality of experience score to do all three,” said Charles Austin, executive vice president of network engineering at Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative (FTC). “The quality of experience score provides a comprehensive view of individual member satisfaction—and the factors that may be affecting their experience. As the largest member-owned telecommunications cooperative in Alabama that serves more than 17,000 members, we can’t wait to start using this new Support Cloud feature.”

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Adding the WAN capability into Support Cloud is the first step in enabling the end-to-end solution strategy, with additional capabilities and insight from the Intelligent Access EDGE being added in tandem with the expansion of Calix Operations Cloud.

“BSPs should be able to easily evaluate the authentic experience of subscribers at any moment in time—based on end-to-end data that comprehensively measures the subscriber quality of experience,” said Shane Eleniak, executive vice president of products at Calix. “With our new Calix Support Cloud quality of experience score, BSPs are accurately quantifying and measuring the subscriber experience from the access network to the subscriber edge. Having actionable data about the performance of both the Wi-Fi and the WAN service is unique and can be used to streamline support operations, bolster subscriber satisfaction and loyalty, and proactively address potential issues before they become a problem.”

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