Maropost Launches New Rapid Growth Data Strategy



Maropost, the innovating force in Marketing and Sales technology, announced its migration to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)—a move set to revolutionize Maropost’s hosting security, stability, and scalability for customers.

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The company’s move to Google Cloud Platform was inspired by Maropost’s recent jump in growth—and a desire for data infrastructure that could grow with them. With its expansive private global fiber network, state of the art security, dedication to continued expansion, and unrivaled uptime, GCP quickly became Maropost’s top choice.

“Scalability has always been essential in our own platforms. We don’t just want to get clients—we want to grow them,” says Ross Paquette, Maropost Chairman and CEO. “With Google Cloud, we found that same dedication. We’re looking forward to providing our customers with the best cloud hosting the market has to offer.”

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GCP provides Maropost with robust, flexible data infrastructure—and the perfect foundation for the company’s unprecedented growth. On GCP, Maropost can continue to expand its capabilities and client base—for Maropost Marketing Cloud, Maropost Sales Cloud, and several highly anticipated platforms set to launch in 2018

In January, Maropost unveiled its latest leap forward, with the global launch of its Sales Cloud platform—a completely inclusive solution combining CRM, Commerce, Acquisition, Referral management, Sales Automation, and Service modules.

“Maropost Sales Cloud is a solution, in the true sense of the word. We’re tackling the problem of companies being forced to adopt several completely separate, costly solutions, with massive integration and IT issues—by taking an all-in-one approach,” says Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO and Chairman of Maropost.

Maropost Sales Cloud eliminates the need for organizations of every size, from SMB to Enterprise, to acquire multiple, disparate solutions—which require complex API integrations to connect with CRM systems—for the management their various business functions.

“We chose Maropost Sales Cloud and quickly coupled it with Maropost Marketing Cloud to eliminate the need for 18 different solutions in our Sales and Martech stack,” says Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Merging to a single platform means two big things for us: more efficiency in managing our business and significant cost savings.”

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