Metrixlab Launches Avaya to Help Brands Unlock the Power of Emotions

Metrixlab Launches Avaya to Help Brands Unlock the Power of Emotions

Captures Emotional Resonance Across Eight Domains

MetrixLab has launched a new tool to enable clients to understand consumers’ emotional reactions to brands and brand communications. Avaya has been designed as an add-on module to complement the company’s existing research solutions portfolio, which spans brand engagement and product innovation.

To research emotions effectively it is crucial to use a projective visual technique, rather than ask consumers to rationalize how they feel. The approach must be intuitive to minimize respondents’ cognitive thinking.

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Avaya covers the eight emotional domains considered most relevant to marketing activities. These include joy/excitement, surprise/amazement, trust/admiration and love/passion on the positive scale, and fear/terror, anger/rage, sadness/grief and disgust/loathing on the negative scale. Extensive research was undertaken to convert those emotions into stimulus that allows respondents to intuitively express how they feel quickly, and without the use of words. One key output from the research was the use of avatars to help respondents communicate their emotions.

The global solution produces one Emotional Intensity Score, which can be benchmarked against MetrixLab’s vast database and key competitors. It also provides the underlying scores for each of the eight emotional domains, including changes over time and performance relative to the competition.

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Alexander Kleijngeld, Senior Director for Knowledge and Innovation at MetrixLabsays: “The challenge until now is that research techniques that directly and passively capture emotional resonance haven’t been scalable, efficient or suited to an online context. Avaya is the first solution that overcomes those challenges. It offers a balanced view between positive and negative emotional archetypes, which is relevant in a marketing and communications context. As a result, Avaya allows us to capture and quantify emotional, instinctive responses to brands, advertisements, ideas, product concepts and packaging designs, so brands can maximize the impact from their efforts and investments.”

Jan Willem Gerritsen, Executive Officer, says: “To help our clients succeed, we are continually innovating our solutions portfolio. We’re investing in advanced solutions and techniques that, like Avaya, leverage the latest thinking and technology. This enables us to meet our clients’ new and emerging challenges more efficiently and effectively.”

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