AdMaven Launches New Security Features to Combat Ad Fraud

AdMaven, one of the world’s leading advertising networks, is unveiling its advanced security capabilities that will help its growing network of advertisers use the self-service platform with confidence and reassurance.

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According to research commissioned by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), in the US alone, advertisers lost $7.2bn to bot fraud in 2019, up from $6.3bn in 2015. Security, fraud-detection, and traffic quality are at the heart of AdMaven. Over the last decade, we have built one of the biggest networks which offers the widest reach while maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance. AdMaven’s advertising network counts more than 10,000 website owners and serves more than 5,000 direct advertisers and 100,000 third party advertisers, all connected through over 200 media acquisition networks.

Improved security features for AdMaven’s network include:

  • 24/7 data screening for real-time fraud detection: working with our proprietary fraud detection tool, as well as the best technology partners in the advertising security field enables us to screen all data in real-time. This gives us an edge and the unique ability to detect and stop any problems as an when they happen.
  • Traffic Quality Control: with our real-time surveillance technology, we are able to report on any traffic that shows abnormal behavior. Fake traffic is still a concern for the industry, and can damage trust within the entire ecosystem. In order to avoid this, and ensure advertisers receive the real access to the people they’re targeting, controlling traffic quality will always be a top priority for AdMaven.
  • Ads Quality Control for Publishers: AdMaven has implemented a new state of the art machine learning technology that identifies explicit and abusive ads that contain either abusive images or text. This means that publishers that rely upon our advertising are confident that the campaigns will always adhere to their editorial standards, and block abusive advertising in real-time. In addition, we enable publishers and advertisers to select or restrict content from specific verticals if they choose to.

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Noam Cohen, CEO at AdMaven said: “Traffic quality has been and will always be a top priority for us. It gives all our partners the confidence, reassurance, and control that they need to keep working with us. The feedback and after-click performance signals we are getting from advertisers is testament to our traffic quality – and our AI engine that enables us to target the right users at the right time with the right ads.”

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