AdPlugg Releases New Intelligent Ad Rotation Feature

AdPlugg Now Using Intelligent Logic to Rotate Ads

AdPlugg announced the release of an intelligent ad rotation feature. The intelligent ad rotation feature builds on AdPlugg’s existing timed rotate feature. The new intelligent logic consists of a set of conditions used to determine when to rotate the ads on a page. Conditions include whether the browser is currently in view, whether the ad is currently in view, whether the user is active (or has maybe stepped away from their computer or device), and more.

AdPlugg has offered the ability to rotate ads on a timer since 2015. With AdPlugg’s original timed rotate feature, publishers could enter a rotation interval into their settings and after the rotation interval elapsed, the ads would rotate. This feature has been popular with publishers but has lacked the ability to make intelligent decisions about rotation.

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The new intelligent ad rotation feature greatly improves on the original timed rote feature by adding over a dozen rotation conditions and triggers. If the user switches tabs or switches to a different application, rotation will be paused. If the user scrolls vertically or horizontally so that less than half the ad is within view, rotation will be paused. These controls are optionally enabled by the publisher. The publisher can also optionally set an inactivity timeout. With this setting, the rotation will pause if the user doesn’t scroll or interact with the page for more than a pre-configured amount of time (default is five seconds).

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“Intelligent ad rotation is a wonderful feature. Having the ad rotation pause when you step away from your computer or when you scroll past the ad is one of those features that becomes a must-have after the first time that you try it.” said AdPlugg CEO, Collin Krawll.

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