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AdPlugg Releases New Intelligent Ad Rotation Feature

AdPlugg Now Using Intelligent Logic to Rotate Ads AdPlugg announced the release of an intelligent ad rotation feature. The intelligent ad rotation feature builds on AdPlugg’s existing timed rotate feature. The new intelligent logic consists of a set of conditions used to determine when to rotate the ads on a page. Conditions include whether the browser is currently in view, whether the ad is currently in view, whether the user is active (or has maybe stepped away from their computer or device), and more. AdPlugg has…

Telaria Grows Global Technology Footprint with Acquisition of SlimCut

Adds Outstream Video Solution and Engineering and Sales Teams in Canada and France Telaria, the complete software platform to manage video advertising for premium publishers, today announced the acquisition of SlimCut, a global video outstream technology solutions company. This early-stage acquisition enhances Telaria’s complete Video Management Platform with a customized outstream product for premium publishers, and establishes a strong publisher presence in Canada and France, giving the company a launching pad for…