Advertising Tech for Audiovisual Media, Brand Marketing Priorities According to Portada’s New Survey

Portada’s Survey “What Brand Marketers Need From Martech in 2020”, Has Found That Advertising Technologies for Audiovisual Media (Addressable TV, Video, Digital Audio and Display, and Programmatic) Are the Main Investments Items for Brand Marketing in 2020

Portada has conducted a poll to explore in which martech areas marketers plan to invest more in 2020. The survey “What Brand Marketers Need from MarTech in 2020” sheds light on the structure of the growth of MarTech expenditures. Based on a poll of 100 brand marketers who are members of the Portada Council System, conducted in the fourth quarter of 2019, Addressable TV, Video, Display and Programmatic, and Digital Audio are pre-eminent investment areas in 2020. They are included in the overall category of Advertising & Promotion, which was chosen as the main overall MarTech expenditure priority by more than 56% of the surveyed brand marketers (see table below).


Advertising & Promotion 56.76%
Customer Experience 10.81%
Social & Relationships 13.51%
Commerce & Sales 10.81%
Data 8.11%
TOTAL 100.00%

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Contents of “What Brand Marketers Need from MarTech in 2020” 

1. Background: MarTech’s Relentless Rise

2. Main MarTech Expenditure Types per Category

3. Survey Results: Brands are Planning to Invest in the Following MarTech Categories in 2020

  • Within Advertising & Promotion, Ad-Tech for Audiovisual Media Plays a Crucial Role
  • Customer Experience: Optimization & Personalization & Testing Leads
  • Social & Relationships. Brands are planning to invest in the following sub-categories of marketing technologies during 2020:
    • Commerce & Sales: Social Media Related Expenditures
    • Data: investment focus on Audience Marketing & Attribution

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4.1. Brand/Media Buying Agencies

4.2. Advertising & Promotions: Marketing Budget Weighted Outcome

4.3. Advertising & Promotions: Marketing Budget Weighted Outcome 

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