The Advertiser’s Missing Link: Adverttu Closes OOH and Digital Gap in European First

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First-of-its-kind shadowfencing capability lets brands target transit media audiences online

Adverttu, the UK’s fastest growing transit media platform, has launched Europe’s first OOH shadowfencing solution. Advertisers can now seamlessly extend their physical campaigns online by retargeting anyone exposed to an Adverttu on-car campaign.

Complementary mobile and social advertising can be delivered to a consumer’s mobile device the moment a branded vehicle passes in close proximity. This real-time one-to-one, offline-to-online advertising is made possible with shadowfencing – a type of geolocation technology – and automated programmatic advertising. This offering delivers:

  • Quantifiable proof that OOH campaigns are driving conversions
  • Enhanced analytics and attribution tracking for CMOs and other stakeholders
  • Accurate ad spend effectiveness and return on investment data
  • The ability to measure any direct uplift in retail footfall

Artjom Jekimtsev, CEO and founder of Adverttu, said: “This is the holy grail for any business advertising on the street – the ability to engage audiences online the moment a vehicle catches their eye, whether that’s Piccadilly Circus tourists or Coventry shoppers. We have already made transit media attributable, measurable and optimisable, and this advancement is another giant leap forward for ambitious businesses across the country.”

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18,000+ people use Adverttu to earn passive income by allowing brands to advertise on their cars. While driving, Adverttu’s app constantly beacons at a radius agreed by the advertiser. The moment someone enters that invisible space, an accompanying digital ad is delivered to their mobile device. Recipients can hide these online ads as they would with any digital or social media advert.

Artjom continued: “People are hitting the streets and road traffic is rising week after week. Research has long proven the commercial benefits and memorability of transit advertising, particularly on-car campaigns, and this is another valuable addition to the medium. Brands can bring their campaigns closer together, supporting the boldest of outdoor advertising with intimate mobile advertising at a fraction of the cost of a disparate approach.”

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