ADYOULIKE Native Advertising Receives IAB Gold Standard Accreditation

Native Advertising Technology Company ADYOULIKE  Has Become the First Pure-Play Native Advertising Company to Receive the Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Gold Standard Certification

The Gold Standard initiative was launched in October 2017 as an effort to raise standards across digital advertising. The Gold Standard has three simple aims – to reduce ad fraud, to improve the digital advertising experience and to increase brand safety.

ADYOULIKE is committed to reducing ad fraud by implementing ads.txt, obtaining JICWEBs DTSH certification for brand safety, and adherence to the IAB’s LEAN principles and the Coalition for Better Advertising Standards. The certification confirms that ADYOULIKE native advertising meets the IAB Gold Standard.

By completing the rigorous accreditation process for full IAB Gold Standard certification ADYOULIKE has reinforced its commitment to improving standards across the industry and confirms the company’s position as a leader in native advertising best practices.

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Commenting, Dale Lovell, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing & Partnerships Officer, says;

“We are proud to be the first native advertising company to meet the IAB Gold Standard criteria and are delighted that ADYOULIKE has completed accreditation for IAB Gold Standard certification. As a business we are fully behind the initiative to improve standards.

“The IAB Gold Standard reinforces what ADYOULIKE as a business has set out to do – deliver non-intrusive, seamless, infeed advertising in a transparent marketplace at programmatic scale. It’s great to see the wider industry recognise this and we are confident that native advertising formats will continue to become the dominant digital ad format in the years to come.”

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