AI-Powered Morphio Raises $1 Million to Remedy a Shortage of Skilled Digital Marketers

Seed Round Values Canadian Scale-up at $5 Million

Morphio, the AI platform for digital marketers, has closed a $1 Million seed round. The funding will help accelerate customer acquisition of US-based marketing agencies and in-house teams alongside strategic enhancements of the two-year-old AI platform. Morphio is currently helping early adopters take control of their digital data and decision making with invaluable information and unparalleled insight.

Morphio integrates all Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and LinkedIn marketing analytics products so that digital marketers and business leaders can assign and automatically track financial results in addition to measuring, monitoring and optimizing tactical key performance indicators.

“2020 will be the first time in history that US advertisers will spend more on digital than traditional media. But mainstream marketers are not learning, training and scaling on pace with the innovation and related complexity of Google, Facebook, and other major ad platforms. This is the problem that Morphio is addressing for fast-growing SMBs,” said Morphio CEO Eric Vardon.

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Real AI that delivers, every day

Unlike many bandwagon opportunists that are attempting to attach themselves to AI, Morphio is a proven AI platform that was incubated in 2017.

Morphio has been validated by both big brands and SMBs from a wide range of sectors including eCommerce, fitness, education, financial services, FMCG, healthcare, house & home, insurance, real estate, and residential services.

“We learned that AI is not just for big corporates and when applied correctly it helps level the playing field between small and large teams,” said Vardon. “If digital marketing teams are willing to learn about AI and explore new workflows, we expect to save our customers millions, maybe billions of marketing dollars while providing security and peace of mind that their marketing investments are being effectively managed.”

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Forecasting is the future 

Marketers have learned that more significant ROI requires strategic, consistent and frequent optimizations to digital ad campaigns and websites. Morphio automates and analyzes data-driven decision making based on KPIs and flags anomalies and unusual behavior faster than humanly possible.

Morphio’s AI predicts digital performance and recommends optimizations including how budgets could be better distributed between the Google, Facebook, Microsoft and LinkedIn advertising platforms.

“We have combined AI with an intuitive UI to help digital marketers avoid mundane and repetitive tasks like manual data aggregation, pivot table manipulation, ad platform jumping, trend identification, and more advanced analysis so teams can focus on the complex and rapidly changing digital landscape,” said Morphio CTO Nima Mirbakhsh, who holds a PhD in Computer Science from Western University.

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