Auddia Inc. Releases Positive User Engagement Data for Vodacast

Auddia Inc., developer of a proprietary AI platform for audio and innovative technologies for podcasts that is reinventing how consumers engage with audio, today released the first Vodacast data showing consumer engagement with the proprietary digital feed that correlates to the podcast audio. Initial results, which were generated across nearly 1,500 downloads of 100 feed-enabled episodes from 19 different podcast shows, reveals that almost 90% of users engaged with the digital feed when the feed is available and 35% of those users engaged with more than half of the total digital content in the feed.

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In addition to almost 90% of users interacting with the feed, Vodacast saw a 230% increase in mobile app downloads and a 275% increase in show subscriptions in Q3′21 as compared to Q2′21. All-time user retention is strong at over 20%, which is very high for mobile app retention.

“In July, we released the Vodacast Hub to give podcasters an easy-to-use digital content management system to deliver bonus content to their listeners such as videos, images, stories, reports, documents, graphics, and explainers that correlate directly to the audio content of the podcast,” said Blake Redson, VP Product & Operations. “We achieved our goal of integrating analytics into the digital feed in Q3 and are now following up on our commitment to report on the critical metric of the level of consumer engagement with the feed. As you can imagine, we are extremely happy with the early numbers we are seeing.”

Auddia CEO Michael Lawless added, “As I mentioned this past July, we prove the efficacy of the Vodacast platform to podcasters and consumers when the revenue generation and consumer experience benefits of the digital feed offset the opportunity costs of creating and promoting the feed. To see almost 90% of Vodacast users accessing an episode feed when one is available is beyond encouraging and strongly reinforces our goal of giving podcasters a real opportunity to access the $378B digital ad market for the first time, while also providing their fans the premium content they are obviously craving.”

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