Basis Technologies Automates State Legislative District Geo-Targeting for Political Advertisers

Campaigns for Midterm Elections Gain Localized Targeting; Basis is the Only Programmatic Advertising Platform Providing State Legislative District Targeting

Basis Technologies, a leading provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising, today announced the availability of state legislative district geo-targeting for local candidates and causes. Powered by the latest redistricting updates from leading non-partisan voter data provider L2 , this granular targeting capability for programmatic advertising is only available through Basis. The Basis platform is composed of integrated applications that automate manual operations, standardize business processes, and improve marketing and advertising performance. Since 2008, Basis Technologies has helped power digital media for over 1500 political campaigns and independent expenditure committees, and over 2000 issue advocacy advertisers. In 2020, among the 400+ U.S. elections campaigns working with Basis Technologies, 70% had winning outcomes.

There are currently more than 6,700 state legislative districts in the United States. Additionally, redistricting has changed state legislative and congressional maps, affecting the district where people can vote. Targeting potential voters from select districts via digital channels previously involved numerous steps. It required identifying potentially dozens of zip codes for each of the targeted districts and then manually uploading the data into programmatic ad platforms. This data is now available in Basis, which also streamlines the discovery, selection and exemption of districts to target. The platform’s automation tools help political marketers save time managing campaigns to focus more on strategy, creative messaging, and optimizations.

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“Clarify uses the Basis platform to manage digital advertising at all levels of the ballot. With automated state legislative district targeting, we can bring more reach, agility, and precision to our state legislative programs,” said Brian O’Grady, principal at Clarify Agency. “The Basis platform can be used by many types of advertisers, but its team’s familiarity with the machinations of political advertising makes the solution feel purpose-built for winning political campaigns.”

Basis Technologies has been trusted by agencies and consultants in politics, public affairs, and advocacy. Its Basis platform provides a comprehensive selection of unique buying methods across all channels and devices, utilizing all major creative types and formats. Basis Technologies offers flexible service models with expertise in ad buying tactics for programmatic, vendor-direct, search, and social.

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Basis Technologies’ unparalleled mix of technology and managed activation services offers political marketers:

  • Precision targeting based on transparent voter file data integrations and sophisticated predictive models around key issues
  • Weekly updated congressional and state legislative district geo-targeting
  • Automated adoption of the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Political Ad Icon to assist with disclosure requirements
  • Political Priority customer support with specialized “on call” team for ad creative/copy reviews and approval within hours to help ensure ads meet publisher guidelines

“As advertising rules and requirements in U.S. elections change, candidates and advocacy groups need marketing partners and technology that can adopt quickly and provide support during the heat of election season,” said Grace Briscoe, SVP of candidates and causes, Basis Technologies. “Basis Technologies aligns robust experience in political advertising with media automation to power sophisticated digital campaigns with the best likelihood for winning outcomes.”

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