Prefect and Snowflake Partner to Bring Dataflow Automation to the Enterprise

Prefect Technologies, Inc., the company behind the open-source data workflow automation platform Prefect, today announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. Prefect enables Snowflake customers to automatically populate, extract, and analyze data on top of Snowflake more easily and reliably for faster time to insight.

Prefect’s dataflow automation platform enables data teams to build, run, and monitor data pipelines so they can develop pipelines faster, reduce failures, and increase confidence in their data.

As part of the partnership, Prefect has enhanced its integration with Snowflake to leverage the latest APIs and offer enterprise authentication functionality for both Prefect 1.0 and Prefect Cloud. Further, there will soon be a dedicated “Collection” of all Snowflake tasks so that data engineers can build and maintain cross-functional Snowflake dataflows more easily.

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“Data workflow orchestration is a critical component of the modern data stack. We’re excited by Prefect’s product, community, and vision in this space,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “As partners, we’ll be able to bring our joint solution to even more data organizations to build workflows faster and increase visibility into their data pipelines.”

“Prefect’s mission is to eliminate negative engineering – the ‘defensive’ code that engineers write to handle errors,” said Jeremiah Lowin, Founder and CEO of Prefect. “Our users love Snowflake because it makes data storage and access so easy and seamless. Together with Prefect, we’ve seen hundreds of organizations reduce negative engineering and increase impact.”

Those companies using Prefect and Snowflake together include Discovery Networks, Pocket, Winc, and TastyTrade. TastyTrade, a subsidiary of IG Group with over 4,000 online trading accounts, uses Prefect to run all of its data operations on top of Snowflake.

“Prefect is the glue of our data stack,” said TastyTrade’s Vice President of Enterprise Data and Analytics, Alex Welch. “Prefect gives us visibility into our critical pipelines that we never had before. And its performance has allowed us to move from daily to continuous updates – enabling more timely and valuable insights.”

Prefect and Snowflake will continue to work together to support their evolving platforms, including Prefect’s next generation dataflow automation platform, Prefect 2.0.

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