Basis Technologies Offers Expanded Free Learning Programs for Digital Media Professionals

AdTech Academy’s Multi-Tiered Curriculum Customizes for Skill Sets and Experience Backgrounds

Basis Technologies, a leading provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising, announced the expansion of free learning programs for digital media professionals. AdTech Academy offers multi-tiered curriculum customizable by skill sets and experience backgrounds to empower marketers to become industry experts. It is an expansion of Basis Technologies’ Certified, the AdExchanger Award winner for Best Education Program. Basis Technologies’ platform is a suite of integrated applications that automate manual operations, standardize business processes, and improve marketing and advertising performance.

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Advertising is a fast-moving, complex industry, and the nuances and technology required to keep up are ever-changing. Cohesive training for digital media skills is not widely offered at no cost in companies, industry associations or academic institutions. Many free courses in the market are primarily focused on a company’s own technology. ‘Training and Education’ ranked the lowest among workplace benefits according to advertising professionals in a research report conducted by Advertiser Perceptions for Basis Technologies ( Advertising practitioners need resources to grow their skills, lift their corporate value, and align their proficiencies with the needs of modern marketers. Basis Technologies can help advertising technology learners boost and advance their development.

“AdTech Academy is designed for the modern learner. Our curriculum meets professionals where they are in their development, and then takes them where they want to go,” said Christine Kim, VP of client learning and enablement, Basis Technologies. “We’ve assembled an arsenal of resources that accommodates for the different skill levels and experience people have to make advertising technology less complex. Considering how people in our industry are leaving their professions as part of the Great Resignation, Basis Technologies’ robust and flexible education can keep people engaged by empowering future leaders to succeed in their careers.”

To heighten digital media industry acumen, junior professionals and advertising veterans alike can access AdTech Academy’s free components:

  • Courses are on-demand self-guided lessons lasting 5 to 15 minutes. They are designed for anyone new to digital advertising such as career-minded college students, entry-level junior professionals, traditional media professionals, or workers from a different field.
  • Learning Paths are curated collections of courses arranged specific to a topic or a role. These cover specific tactics or job responsibilities to bolster media professionals’ industry knowledge.
  • Essentials Certification are self-guided classes for mastering key elements and fundamentals of digital advertising. Topics covered in Essentials are continuously added, and learners can now dive deep in areas such as Contextual, Private Marketplace, Programmatic, Search, and more. Essentials cover the basics of ad industry subject matter and educate on ad buying platforms, media strategy, campaign optimization and more.

AdTech Academy helps reduce digital complexity. Benefits for professionals are:

  • Supplemental learning to accelerate professional development
  • Knowledge and acumen to increase effectiveness in current job roles
  • Insight on responsibilities of possible future roles
  • Free, learning resources conveniently accessible from wherever they are located

For Basis Technologies customers, the company offers additional tracks in AdTech Academy focused on tactics and execution using the company’s technology platform as well as best practices and use cases. It also offers Certified conferences conducted live in-person, virtual and hybrid.

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