bRealTime and Clearstream Merge To Form EMX- A New Digital Marketplace

EMX Will Form More Powerful Media Solutions And Produce An Overall Lift In ROI

bRealTime and Clearstream have merged to form EMX, a new programmatic marketplace. EMX will offer media solutions across supply, demand and data to publishers, tech providers and agencies. It will also include increased efficiencies, enhanced transparency and a universal lift in ROI.

How does EMX work?

EMX works on the principle of combining services of bRealTime and Clearstream,  to be an integrated business platform. bRealTime is an automated global marketplace which specializes in solving programmatic business challenges for both advertisers and publishers. Clearstream is an important player in the security services industry with consistently high credit ratings, and it is also a leading deterministic data and decision-making platform for advertisers and brands. As an integrated business, EMX will give clients access to more audiences on all screens through a more unified supply chain.

Benefits of the merger include

  • Enhanced transparency, increased efficiency and surge in ROI
  • Companies will have a better oversight into all the programmatic activities taking place, as well as more access to how their data and strategies are performing- thus increasing transparency for both sides.
  • EMX will simplify the programmatic transaction for clients with pre-planned tools and solutions
  • Advertiser and Publisher transactions will take place in a unified space, thus giving both the groups sufficient access to seek for partners, and increasing sales both ways.

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Current Scenario

Former CEO of bRealTime, Mike Zacharski has been named as the new CEO of EMX. Brian Mandelbaum, previously the CEO of Clearstream will assume the role of President and Chief Strategy Officer. Mike and Brian will lead the development of EMX’s industry-leading products which will combine supply, data and demand all into one solution.

“The digital marketplace has given marketers the power to reach and engage with consumers in seemingly limitless ways, however, with its meteoric rise, it has brought a new breed of challenges – from fraud, excessive complexity and cost, to black box behavioral data sets. With EMX, we have pioneered a new industry standard that helps solve for these issues. By bringing our proprietary tools and talented specialists together, we’ve been able to create a marketplace using best-of-breed technologies that deliver genuine ROI for both publishers and advertisers,” said Zacharski.

The new EMX business team will be supported by a skilled team of data scientists, technologists and digital media practitioners.

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