Bucksense and Lotame Join Forces to Provide Self-Serve Audience Segments for All Ad Buyers

Incorporating Lotame’s Audience Segments Into Bucksense’s Platform Will Result In More Targeted And Better Performing Campaigns

Bucksense, the programmatic platform for agile marketers, has announced a strategic partnership with Lotame, the leading independent data management platform (DMP) and data exchange. Through the partnership, advertisers can access Lotame’s global, third-party data and audience segments directly on the Bucksense console to create targeted display, native, and video campaigns around the world. The partnership covers the United States, Canada, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America.

bucksense + lotame
Bucksense, part of Acotel Group SpA, was founded in 2012 and is currently used by more than 300 agencies worldwide. As a leading programmatic platform for agile marketers, Bucksense offers marketers with micro-bidding, ad tags and macros, video ad viewability, KPI optimization for display, video and native campaigns, smart budget controls, access to thousands of audience segments worldwide, brand safety features and built-in fraud prevention features.

Cristian Carnevale
Cristian Carnevale, CEO, Bucksense

Cristian Carnevale, CEO, Bucksense, said, “Incorporating Lotame’s audience segments into our platform will result in more targeted and better performing campaigns.  For this partnership and because we are largely a self-serve platform,we put additional effort into integrating a smooth data selection process into our existing agile campaign creation interface. Our focus on user workflow is something that we know our growing base of more than 300 agency and advertiser clients truly appreciate.”

By having access to the most reliable data and audience segments, provided by Lotame, within an acclaimed cutting edge DSP — such as Bucksense —advertisers and agencies can now more easily meet their goals under a single roof.

Ryan Rolf
Ryan Rolf, Vice President Data Sales, Lotame

Ryan Rolf, Vice President Data Sales, Lotame, said, “We’re extremely excited to partner with Bucksense. The sophistication of the Bucksense platform makes it an ideal fit for our rich taxonomy of audiences, allowing marketers to fine tune their media campaigns and better understand and reach their target audience at scale. It’s a perfect fit as we bring our recent work on data quality and audience creation to their brand and performance clientele.”

By partnering with Bucksense, Lotame is extending its position as a leading independent DMP that offers the most widely used, trusted and comprehensive data exchange in the industry.

Today more than ever, advertisers demand that their digital campaigns increase conversions while protecting their brand. At the same time, agencies strive for programmatic technologies that help them deliver those client requested KPIs within budget and under a seamless and efficient internal operation.

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