CyberAgent Launches “PFX LIVE,” Supply-Side Platform Specialized in Monetizing Live Streaming Services

AdTech Studio of CyberAgent, Inc. (listed in the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange; Stock Code: 4751) has developed “PFX LIVE,” which is specialized in monetizing live streaming services in “CA ProFit-X,” a supply-side platform.

In recent years, the live streaming market has been growing worldwide, and service media that utilize the live streaming functions such as live commerce, which is a new form of EC, and the game streaming service have been launched one after another. However, since monetizing of live streaming depends the expenditure of stream viewers (hereinafter referred to as viewers) and showing advertisements is considered as a stable source of profits, it was necessary to find a way to advertise without spoiling user experience.

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In these circumstances, “CA ProFit-X” has launched “PFX LIVE” as an advertising service specialized in monetizing live streaming services in order to expand the profits of businesses that provide live streaming services.

“PFX LIVE” will provide various advertising functions with consideration for user experience, and reporting and support functions that can return profits of advertisement to streamers (*1).

“Pause roll,” the first advertising function “CA ProFit-X” will start providing, lets streamers see the option to take a short break and have an ad play during that time. Since streamers can decide when to play ads during a live broadcast, a larger number of viewers are likely to see the ads without spoiling user experience.

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From now on, “CA ProFit-X” plans to provide “Pre roll,” a function that plays advertisements before a live streaming video, and “Post roll,” a function that plays advertisements after live streaming, in addition to advertising between intervals of live streaming.

“CA ProFit-X” will provide functions dedicated to live streaming and contribute to the growth of the live streaming market through “PFX LIVE” specialized in monetizing live streaming services.

(*1) As for whether or not to return profits of advertisement is based on the deal made between a live streaming service provider and a streamer.

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