PowerInbox Audience Engagement Experts to Reveal 5 Promising New Ad Channels at Affiliate Summit West 2019

Beyond Email & Social, Emerging Channels Will Give Advertisers New Options to Grow Brand Awareness & Sales

PowerInbox, the trusted audience engagement and digital monetization partner for publishers and marketers, will reveal five new audience engagement channels that are ripe for monetization in 2019 at this week’s Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas.

Bolstered by new data that points to broader adoption of new channels beyond email and social media, PowerInbox engagement experts will demonstrate how these channels provide the virtually untapped potential for advertisers to explore innovative placement opportunities.

For 2019, the company predicts the monetization of push notification (both application and browser-based), chatbots, lock screen alerts and news reader content will emerge, allowing publishers and advertisers to connect one-to-one with audiences and drive new sources of revenue.

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“Our latest research shows that audiences are not only using these new channels more, but they’re also quite receptive to ad placements within them, especially when the ads are relevant and useful,” said Jeff Kupietzky, PowerInbox CEO. “These opportunities can give publishers and advertisers a powerful new way to recoup some of the losses they’ve seen due to declining traffic from Facebook and other social channels.”

Precision personalization remains a key component in the success of any digital monetization strategy, and Kupietzky says the building that user persona around an email address is the most targeted and accurate way to dial-in on the relevancy that audiences demand.

“Using email as the unique identifier is the only reliable way to deliver hyper-targeted content across every channel,” he said. “Email-based personalization allows publishers to build a deeper, richer understanding of user behavior, which allows more precise personalization of ads, driving more clicks and higher engagement and revenue.”

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Bill Nolte, VP Publisher Sales will address how to leverage these new opportunities during a Tech Talk set for 3 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8, in the main exhibit hall. In his talk, “Building User Engagement & Email Monetization” Nolte will highlight the new research data that supports these predictions and how advertisers and publishers can use the insights to target specific audience demographics.

Meanwhile, PowerInbox audience engagement experts will be available at Booth #405 throughout the two-day event to work one-on-one with publishers and advertisers looking to take advantage of new channels.

The PowerInbox multichannel digital monetization ecosystem delivers 10 billion pieces of live content to 150 million unique users monthly, all personalized in real time at the moment of open. It’s email-based personalization platform powers the audience engagement programs for over 650 publishers delivering 50 billion monthly emails in some 7,500 newsletters.

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