Exploring the Role of Choozle Universal Data Catalog in Digital Advertising

Choozle Universal Data Catalog Helps in Determining a Custom Audience Within a Digital Advertising Campaign 

Leading digital advertising software maker, Choozle, recently announced the launch of Universal Data Catalog. Choozle has built a new Universal Data Catalog to activate trusted third-party data within digital advertising campaigns. To better understand the role of Choozle Universal Data Catalog in improving self-service advertising campaigns, we spoke to Jeffrey Finch, CPO at Choozle.

Jeffrey Finch
Jeffrey Finch, CPO & Co-Founder, Choozle

What are the core tenets of your Universal Data Catalog?

Choozle has been working diligently to provide independent advertising agencies with easy-to-use, self-serve digital advertising solutions in an ecosystem that is riddled with complexity. The Choozle Universal Data Catalog addresses that challenge by providing a straightforward way to access industry-leading third-party data audiences to deliver relevant ads across desktop, mobile, video, and other mediums. 

How do you plan to extend the benefits of this new launch to your existing customers?

Choozle has released this new launch to all our existing customers. They have actively been using it for the last several weeks to create custom audiences for their digital advertising campaigns. 

Tell us about the challenges in leveraging custom audiences within digital advertising campaigns. How would the Universal Data Catalog improve self-service campaigns?

Determining a custom audience to use within a digital advertising campaign can be overwhelming. Access to third-party data by marketers has increased the number of data sources, data knowledge, and data trustworthiness.

The Choozle Universal Data Catalog brings together trusted industry-leading data sources to build valuable custom audiences with ease by removing the complexity. Choozle is further displaying its commitment to keeping the paramount and most effective targeting tactics available to its users.

How do you plan to utilize feedback from customers to make your programmatic platform better?

Feedback has played a critical role in Choozle’s platform development. The use of the platform and its functions by our customers are vital to our success as well as theirs. Therefore we aim to build functions and features that make an impact on our customers. 

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