Gather Online Aims to Eliminate Digital Ads From The Internet

Gather Online Aims to Eliminate Digital Ads From The Internet | Business  Wire

Gather, a revolutionary blockchain community, is happy to announce the relaunch of its core product, Gather Online, a tool for web and mobile developers and content creators to monetize from their end-users’ processing power with their express permission, offering scalable and predictable revenue, totally transparent & secure without the need to rely on digital ads for revenue.

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Gather Online was originally launched in April 2021 to a limited number of publishers in order to uncover any unforeseen issues and improve overall user experience. After a pause in August 2021 to address inflation hedges, Gather Online has recalibrated their strategy and made the necessary adjustments & a new token burn mechanism in order to maintain a healthy and balanced supply and demand dynamic. Gather Online is now offering its consent-based, easy-to-implement tool to websites and applications seeking to generate alternate revenue by utilizing their users’ compute resources, without the need to rely on outdated and unreliable digital advertising. Based on Gather’s prototype testing period, it was found that Gather Online is 1.4 times more profitable than current advertising rates.

A New Way To Monetize For Content Creators

“No one likes ads. The majority of websites and mobile apps do not make a reliable source of income with digital ads alone, and it’s already proven to be an old, broken business model. Gather’s core mission is to disrupt this outdated model & create a democratic internet space of the future, free from big tech giants’ continuous pressure, where creators are in total control of their revenue,” said Raghav “Reggie” Jerath, CEO and Founder of Gather.

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