Kochava and Cuebiq Partner to Measure the Impact of OOH Advertising in Driving App Downloads

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For the first time, brands will have the ability to accurately attribute OOH campaigns to app downloads, similarly to mobile or desktop

Today, brands can better understand the effectiveness of out-of-home (OOH) or digital out-of-home (DOOH) in driving app downloads than ever before. Kochava Inc., the industry leader providing real-time data solutions for mobile and connected devices, announced a partnership with leading consumer insights and measurement company, Cuebiq to combine Cuebiq’s location intelligence with Kochava’s install data to improve attribution for OOH advertisers.

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Unlike with digital channels, such as mobile or desktop, marketers have struggled to better define the value of ads offline, especially in attributing a billboard or sign to a mobile app install. Now, Kochava and Cuebiq are partnering to make Cuebiq’s vast dataset and ability to measure dwell time available to the industry-leading Kochava mobile attribution engine. This partnership provides marketer insight into which audience segments encountered a specific OOH campaign with great precision. The result is industry leading attribution combined with precision location and dwell time data so that the effectiveness of OOH campaigns in driving app downloads can be measured just like digital campaigns. Kochava’s mobile attribution analytic tracking enables marketers to measure and analyze user behavior, target high-value users, and re-engage them on connected devices.

“Advertisers want to know which marketing activities are delivering the best value,” said Antonio Tomarchio, founder and CEO, Cuebiq. “By partnering with Kochava, we are able to create a sophisticated data analysis that allows for more accurate evidence of OOH’s effect on KPIs, such as app downloads, to drive more informed business decisions.”

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“By connecting the devices that physically passed a billboard within a specific time range, and comparing device location with those devices that installed within a set time frame, we can fairly accredit an app install to an OOH ad,” said Charles Manning, CEO, Kochava. “Our partnership with Cuebiq provides accurate install time measurement for marketers to better understand how their out-of-home media is performing.”

Cuebiq continues to be committed to leading the way in privacy compliance and finding new and improved ways to protect consumer privacy. Both GDPR and CCPA compliant, it follows a future-proof, privacy approach, in which users can opt in or opt out of data sharing on their devices. Additionally, Cuebiq only collects first party data, versus bidstream data sources, which are incredible risks to brand safety and brand reputation.

Kochava customers can begin leveraging the Cuebiq partnership.

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