Long Island SEO, Shares 4 Ways Instagram Can Maximize Brand Visibility For The Yoga Industry

From ashtanga to bikram, yoga is one of the most versatile forms of physical and mental wellness one can undertake. Yoga also stands as one of the most bustling industries, which is why it’s important for companies to know how to maximize digital media. Long Island SEO, fishbat, shares 4 ways Instagram can maximize brand visibility for the yoga industry.

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Instagram is seen as one of the best social media platforms for photo and video sharing purposes. Not only does it boast an audience of over 1 billion monthly active users, but it has established a number of useful features, with Instagram Stories being perhaps the most popular. For companies that are looking to make headway in the yoga industry, Instagram will prove useful. Here are 4 ways that the social media platform can help.

1. Know what works and doesn’t work on Instagram. From a technical standpoint, there are certain limits that new Instagram users should be privy to. For example, links will not work in captions or comments. What this means is that a photo can’t be used to directly lead users to websites. Instead, yoga businesses must promote themselves more creativity. An understanding of Instagram’s limits will provide a better understanding of how to boost brand visibility.

2. Use the right hashtags. One of the ways to get the most out of Instagram, especially early on, is by using certain hashtags. Not only do hashtags make content searchable, but they can help yoga businesses understand trending stories and topics. Every post that a business shares on social media should have a purpose, whether it’s to share a story or promote a product, just to name a few examples. To ensure that a post is searchable, hashtag implementation is required.

3. Interact with the target audience. The goal of social media is to establish interactions, but they must be meaningful. Not every user that one connects with on social media will find certain products and services relevant. This makes the goal of interacting with one’s target audience that much more significant. By interacting with the audience in question, not only will communication grow, but so will the likelihood of increased success for yoga businesses.

4. Share content via Instagram Stories. As mentioned earlier, Instagram Stories is a popular feature of the social media network in question. It’s designed to share content, photos and videos alike, in sequential order, making it more digestible for the average user. Instagram Stories can also help promote products and services by speaking directly to users. Instagram Stories can provide an entirely new value for content sharing purposes, which makes it worth experimenting with.

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