Media, Video and Audio Sharing Platform, Issuer Pixel Launches $2.5 Million Crowd Funding Campaign on

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Issuer Pixel, a global, searchable, enterprise video and audio sharing platform connecting companies to the world, has launched a $2.5M A round offering campaign on to support final development, beta-testing and commercialization of the platform.

The Company is offering $2.5M to investors as it prepares to launch its beta program for early adopters in May 2021. Issuer Pixel chose Netcapital because of its capital raising expertise, success, extensive network of institutional and accredited investors and strong security and compliance.

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“It’s a win-win platform. Enterprise ‘publishers’ upload content for free and benefit as it is viewed by their target audience, while ‘subscribers’ can quickly and easily find rich media otherwise almost impossible to locate…”

As businesses increasingly tap the power of video and rich media to differentiate their benefits, value and to reach expanded audiences, Issuer Pixel brings order, value, expanded exposure and increased ROI to unstructured corporate content that until now has been virtually inaccessible via conventional search technologies. The platform is ideal for company to company and company to investor engagement, news media, researchers, supply chain and procurement managers, M&A sourcing, partnering and benchmarking. Issuer Pixel was founded by David N. Baker, who formed Revere Data LLC (formally known as Sectorbase), which was acquired by FactsetData Systems, Inc. His co-founders include Vadim A. Tarasov, Byron Kwok and David Guzy.

Industry Problem – The full potential of business video remains largely untapped and difficult to find as it is either siloed disparately on corporate websites or lost in a sea of content and advertising on leading video portals. Yet,

  • 59% of executives prefer video to reading text.
  • 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, a 29% y/y increase.
  • Over 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be video by 2022, a 15-fold increase over five years.
  • Global corporate video investments exceed $20,000 per company per year but these assets are difficult to locate.

Solution – Issuer Pixel’s patent-pending technology leverages the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to make unstructured video content easily discoverable, providing value to all parties – searchers and content providers – in the rich media ecosystem.

Issuer Pixel’s disruptive technology and platform has the “Last Mover” advantage in the video and audio sharing industry as it finally brings structure, searchability, intelligence and value to this enormous and rapidly growing market. The Company was launched in May 2020, initiated software development, built a team of 16 professionals with diverse, relevant skill sets and executed a comprehensive patent strategy to protect its IP.

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With proceeds from the Netcapital offering, Issuer Pixel plans to launch its beta program May 15th, allowing an initial group of companies to register and upload their video assets to the platform, following which the service will open for business search users.

Issuer Pixel CEO, David N. Baker, commented, “Having spent nearly 30 years as a hedge fund manager, entrepreneur and business builder, I was struck by the power of corporate rich media content and yet how difficult it was to find. My past experience with data systems got me thinking and after sharing my thoughts with my software developer and banking co-founders, most of whom I have known for a decade, the concept for Issuer Pixel was born.

It’s really a win-win platform for all parties – as content providers can upload their video and audio assets for free and benefit from search technologies powered by AI and machine learning that will help their content be discovered. Content users benefit by being able to quickly and easily find what is available in their areas of interest, including new content alerts. The user audience is immense, including customers, news and media organizations, partners, researchers, investors, academics – all of whom will benefit by being empowered to find relevant content in the rich media formats that are in high demand. The value proposition grows as the Issuer Pixel user and content base expands.”

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