Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. Selected by Kneedless to Drive Awareness to Upcoming Projects

Mobiquity Technologies, Inc.(the “Company”), a leading provider of next-generation advertising technology, announced, it has been selected by KNEEDLESS as its data and programmatic advertising provider. Mobiquity Technologies will promote brand awareness for the Kneedless Community and The Misfits NFT.

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The Kneedless community brings the best possible value to their community members through partnering with value-driven projects. This offers unique opportunities for engagement and wealth generation as well as continuous growth in knowledge and investment experience. Kneedless comes together to vet projects, gather information, and present factual-based analysis on viable Crypto & NFT projects or platforms. In addition, Kneedless offers its community members White-List access to potential partnerships. The founders also take time to offer Alpha Discord calls and workshops as a learning environment on DeFi investment strategies and round table discussions about projects and protocols.

The Misfits NFT brings together a global community centered around 5 unique characters living in the city of Arcadia. With a goal to integrate one of the biggest and trending industries, the Misfits bring Manga and Anime into DeFi. The vision is to co-create a Manga and, consequently, an Anime with a story line driven by the community through a DAO.

Kneedless Co-Founder Khalid Alkalali said, “Mobiquity has become the go-to team for Crypto and NFT awareness and we are truly excited to be working with them on our upcoming and future projects. Our minting date is set for May 31st, 2022 and will be minting through the official Misfits website. During the first 72-hour period, the first 1500 minted will enjoy discounted pricing.”

Sean Trepeta, President of Mobiquity Networks, said, “We look forward to working with the Kneedless Founders and Community to help drive awareness to their current and future projects. We believe they offer special value by bringing unique and value driven projects to the NFT world, and we are excited to be a part of it.”

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