Nanigans Boosts Advertising Accuracy and Speed with Snowflake Data Sharing

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Advertising Automation Solution Provider Optimizes Campaigns for E-Commerce Customers with Snowflake’s Real-Time Data Sharing

Snowflake Computing, the data warehouse built for the cloud, announced that Nanigans, the leading provider of advertising automation software, deploys Snowflake Data Sharing to optimize retargeting campaigns for its enterprise-class advertisers, such as Rue La La, a leading fashion e-commerce company. With Snowflake Data Sharing, also known as The Data Sharehouse™, Nanigans analyzes its clients’ shared anonymized activity data to arm them with a more complete view of their cross-channel, media spend to optimize their advertising campaigns for incremental revenue.

Prior to Snowflake Data Sharing, Nanigans relied on data from tracking pixels placed on a client’s website that capture website activity, then reconciled it with manual data exports and batch job transfers. This method lacked automation, was prone to error and was suboptimal due to normal data inconsistencies from pixel data capture.

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To overcome these challenges, Nanigans deployed Snowflake’s Data Sharehouse™ to easily enable modern data sharing with its clients without needing to copy or move data sets of any size. Within minutes, clients grant live, governed and secure non-PII data shares so Nanigans can view and seamlessly combine their clients’ data with their own data sources. Nanigans is therefore enabled to get real-time updates and access a more comprehensive data source, as a result improving its ability to optimize advertising spend.

“We first used Snowflake for our own cloud data warehousing and saw the power of the cloud-based architecture for seamless data access. Now we’re leveraging that same cloud advantage with Snowflake Data Sharing so we can deliver more accurate advertising spend models, eliminate discrepancies in client data and empower the in-house marketing teams we serve with optimized campaigns,” Nanigans’ Product Manager Nat Taylor said.

Rue La La’s Erick Roesch, said, “We already see the benefit of using Snowflake Data Sharing in our Nanigans’ retargeting program because of the improved data matching. How often do two vendors work together seamlessly to make your life easier and your advertising spend more effective? We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Snowflake VP of Customer and Product Strategy Matthew Glickman said, “Nanigans’ success with Snowflake Data Sharing is another great example of how simple, automated and powerful modern data sharing leads to faster and more accurate decision-making.”

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