Is Your Facebook Engagement Working For You?

The New ShareIQ Tool Instantly Tells Brands the Value of their Facebook Engagement

ShareIQ, the earned media performance platform for brands, recently launched a new product, which, for the first time, gives marketers an immediate self-service report on the value of their earned media marketing on Facebook. Brands no longer need to worry about not knowing the ROI for their social media campaigns.

“Paid media on channels like Facebook has become less transparent and reliable for engaging with your audiences. Earned media is the only way forward for brands in competitive markets,” says Thomas Burg, COO, ShareIQ.

The free ShareIQ Facebook Earned Media Value Report lets brands measure their earned media the same way they measure paid media and advertising. Using an impression-based algorithm ShareIQ allows you to quantify engagement with branded content like that generated by the user, influencer, or brand, across social media networks and the web. ShareIQ recommends a CPM (cost per thousand, the standard metric of online advertising) value for engagement which can be customized by users of the free tool. This allows paid, earned and social media teams to work with one metric that presents a unified view of the value they create.

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The ShareIQ Facebook Earned Media Value Report allows brands to:

  • Measure earned media like paid media
  • Discover new earned and paid media optimization opportunities
  • Benchmark campaigns against key KPIs
  • Explore new ways to create brand discovery

For many brands, Facebook is a key contributor to consumer engagement with brand content on social media. The Report generates the CPM value for all of a brand’s earned media activities on its Facebook page or multiple pages. This analysis shows, on a dollar basis, the value that non-paid media activities contribute to marketing ROI. Once a marketer has access to these insights, they can work with a partner like ShareIQ to optimize their earned media across all of their marketing channels. This Report gives brands a preview of the type of insight they get from accessing the full ShareIQ platform.

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“In light of concerns about the value and efficacy of paid media/advertising, brands large and small are allocating greater resources to earned media marketing, including influencer marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and public relations,” informs Jonathan Gardner, Vice President of Marketing, ShareIQ, in a blogpost about the report. “Until now, measuring the impact and value of earned media was difficult, casting doubt over the return on investment. Now that marketers finally have clarity about earned media’s contribution to their overall marketing mix, they can attribute value and allocate resources more effectively,” Gardner adds.

With the world moving toward a social-media-driven and ad-blocked world, brands will have difficulty succeeding against their competitors, if they don’t know the true value of their earned media. ShareIQ helps customers get the deep level of insights and analytics about the lifetime performance of their earned media.

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