NYIAX and Rebel AI Unveil Their New Preferred Partnership

Integration of Rebel AI’s Passport Into the NYIAX Marketplace Delivers Blockchain-Based Transparency and Safety Across Advertising Contract Buying, Selling and Trading

NYIAX, the world’s first guaranteed advertising contract marketplace, announced its preferred partnership with Rebel AI, a technology startup focused on securing media trading between advertisers and publishers, at the Global Blockchain Summit in Denver, Colorado.

Developed in partnership with Nasdaq, NYIAX combines a patented Financial Matching Engine℗ with blockchain technology to provide advertisers and publishers with a marketplace where they can buy, sell and re-trade premium advertising contracts in a forward/futures methodology.

Rebel AI secures media trading between premium publishers and advertisers. The company’s Passport solution eliminates ad delivery fraud and domain spoofing in digital media trading by leveraging blockchain identity, encryption and real-time authentication. Under the terms of the partnership, Rebel AI’s Passport will be integrated into the NYIAX marketplace, giving publishers and advertisers the ability to cryptographically verify and deliver NYIAX marketplace contracts.

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As a result, advertisers and publishers can now be confident that when Rebel AI’s Passport is selected as the Count of Record for contracts executed through the NYIAX platform, contract reconciliation will utilize the most secure and state of the art delivery verification service available. Buyers can be assured of delivery against the contracted inventory through Passport’s real-time cryptographic verification, while NYIAX’s reconciliation process reduces the work and time required to facilitate payments.

“With Rebel AI, we create an end-to-end marketplace,” said Carolina Abenante, founder, vice chairperson, general counsel and head of investments for NYIAX. “Until now, there has never been a one-stop-shop as transparent and trusted as the one our clients are now using.”

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“The integration of Passport within the NYIAX marketplace showcases exactly how blockchain creates a new era of transparency for digital advertising and a stronger marketplace for media buyers and sellers,” said Manny Puentes, founder and CEO of Rebel AI.

“The cost of reconciliation was irrational and taking a major bite out of every dollar spent as organizations, like the IAB and major publications, have all called out,” said Abenante. “Fraud has been another giant issue. We’ve effectively eliminated both, to everyone’s advantage.

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