Proper Media Acquires

Ad Tech Company Doubles Its Reach By Acquiring Leading Provider Of Advertising Placements

Proper Media, a full-service, independent ad tech company based in San Diego, today announced the acquisition of, a technology company reinventing web monetization through its suite of highly viewable and engaging advertising placements.

Spoutable’s approach combines unique ad units, a variety of media types, and machine learning to create new and high-yielding ad inventory for premium publishers. With more than 2 billion monthly ad impressions, the firm nearly doubles Proper Media’s reach with its highly viewable and engaging advertising placements. On a pro forma basis, the company generated $39 million of revenue and was profitable in 2017.

“We are excited to have this powerhouse addition to help us scale and broaden services in this next stage of growth,” says Chris Richmond, CEO of Proper Media. “This acquisition expands the capabilities of Proper Media’s management of advertising for large-scale publishers by adding one-off, unique and highly engaging units running across hundreds of publishers to fully service the industry at scale.”

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Eight of the employees from Spoutable have joined Proper Media, including CEO Jon Belmonte and CTO Josh Schlesser. Prior to Spoutable, Belmonte and Schlesser worked closely together at ACTIVE Network (ACTV), which was acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2013 for $1 billion.

In addition to Proper Media, majority shareholders Chris Richmond and Drew Schoentrup directly own a variety of websites, such as, which generates more than 80 million monthly page views. Their experience as publishers themselves enables them to understand what publishers are looking for in a monetization partner.

Proper Media is a full-service, independent media company that is ready and eager to tackle the toughest problems in the digital landscape for our publishers and advertising partners. They own, operate, and represent top-ranked web properties, and have the skills, tools, and know-how.

Spoutable is a technology company reinventing web monetization through its suite of highly engaging, and often incremental, advertising placements. The platform mixes various forms of promoted and native media – including content, video, display, quick links, email capture, commerce widgets – into a single placement, then leverages its ML-based optimization engine to select the unit design that best serves the website’s monetization and engagement objectives. And all placements are simply managed through a single tag integration.

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