SOPHOLA, Inc Brings AdScale Enterprise Digital Ad Optimisation Platform to Thailand Through Partnership with Primal

SOPHOLA, Inc. and Primal Are Delighted to Announce That They Today Entered Into an Agreement to Bring the Ad Optimisation Platform AdScale to the Thai Market. Primal, a Leading Digital Agency, Is the First in Thailand to Use AdScale to Optimise Client Accounts

SOPHOLA, Inc. and Primal are delighted to announce that they entered into an agreement to bring the ad optimisation platform AdScale to the Thai market. Primal, a leading digital agency, is the first in Thailand to use AdScale to optimise client accounts.

The AdScale digital advertising platform utilizes Dynamic Budgeting AI and Algorithmic Bid Optimization to dynamically allocate budgets and ensure ads will always be shown in the right place at the right time across multiple paid media platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more.

AdScale’s campaign management automation saves agencies up to 80% of their time. In addition, automated distribution of easily-created white label reports to clients and management saves valuable time.

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In the initial performance tests AdScale was able to decrease the average cost per conversion by 31.2% while increasing conversions by 34.6% in a 30 day pilot campaign. (Refer to the attached table. Period: Oct, 2019 vs Nov, 2019)

Mark McDowell, Managing Director at Primal says, “Partnering with AdScale and SOPHOLA effectively helps Primal maintain our commitment in increasing Profitable Revenue for our clients. We can always count on them when it comes to expertise, reliability and professionalism.”

Masaki Iino, CEO of SOPHOLA says, “We are thrilled about the market expansion of the AdScale service into Thailand through this partnership with Primal, Thailand’s leading digital marketing agency. Primal has been making game-changing growth for progressive brands in digital marketing, and SOPHOLA will support Primal to optimize Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram campaigns with the proprietary tech of AdScale AI in an unprecedented way.

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As we act as the APAC office for the AdScale service, we will continue to expand our service to other countries in the region.”

In addition to offering consulting/outsourcing services using cutting-edge global marketing tech to the Japanese market, SOPHOLA is expanding its push to bring AdScale to agencies and brands in APAC.

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