STAQ Gives Publishers Unified Advertiser Transparency Across Demand Channels

STAQ, the automated reporting platform as a service for digital advertising, announced a major feature release that gives publishers normalized advertiser transparency across demand channels. Exchanges and major sell side platforms (SSPs), have been increasingly giving publishers visibility into their advertiser bidding activity, such as pricing and placement preferences. Publishers gain significant advantage when they have advertiser insights across demand partners, giving sellers and operations teams visibility and control on programmatic channels that buyers have long had. While there have been requests and coalition projects for an industry standardization of this data, STAQ’s new feature unifies it today and publishers are now empowered to aggregate a complete advertiser demand view from across their exchanges.

“Normalized advertiser data from STAQ gives our revenue teams insights that help us identify advertisers for direct and PMP deals, optimize our floor prices, monitor PMP deal health across partners and understand demand patterns across our products all in a centralized location,” said Steve Mummey of AccuWeather. “What would have taken weeks to aggregate transparency data manually, STAQ gives us automatically, so we can act on new information quickly.”

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With normalized data across demand channels from STAQ, publishers can:

  • Run demand path optimization analysis to optimize advertiser through direct buys, open bidding and PMP deals
  • Compare relative revenue and unique value by advertiser
  • Identify new sales opportunities and manage programmatic block lists

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STAQ gives publishers the power to get the right price for their inventory, knowing that they have all the information at their fingertips to make the best decision for their company. The new data normalization reporting is available through STAQ’s integrations with major SSPs including Rubicon Project, DoubleClick AdExchange, PubMatic, AppNexus, Index Exchange and others. Publisher clients can also request additional data from a wide number of other demand partners.

“Publishers will be empowered by the new level of transparency offered in this product release,” said Gian Lombardi, CRO of STAQ. “We’ve always been focused on innovations that help drive profitable growth for publishers, while also reducing the complexity of their advertising business.”

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