T-Systems Launches Digitization Campaign

T-Systems kicked off the fall season by repositioning their brand. Everything is new, from their advertising campaign, brand claim, and video advertisements to their online presence. The launch began October 9 with advertisements in airports as well as in print and digital ads – investments that clearly demonstrate the impact T-Systems has on its technology customers worldwide.

No digitization without “T”

Common digital transformation terms such as “Connectivity”, “Digital”, “Cloud & Infrastructure”, and “Security” are initially shown without the letter – clearly communicating these only work with the “T”. As explained by Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President Katharyn White, “Those who rely on the T-partnership get competence in all the important pillars of digitization. We are sharpening our holistic view of information technology and telecommunications; we are not just looking at individual parts, but at all of our clients’ systems and processes.”

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Together We Achieve More

T-Systems’ new holistic positioning follows the introduction of their revised tagline introduced earlier this year; “Let’s power higher performance” represents T-Systems’ joint approach with and for the client and together with partners. It also stands for the will to constantly improve. Using the hashtag #letspowerhigherperformance, T-Systems is increasing dialogue with its target group of entrepreneurs, experts, and IT decision-makers across multiple social media platforms.

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The T-Story is shared via Website and Video

The central component of the brand update is the new T-Systems website, where success stories can be found highlighting results and benefits realized by the company’s customers. The site also features the company’s new video ad. In the video, huge containers labeled with T-Systems’ four areas of expertise are shown being perfectly stacked in the middle of a shipping port. The ad ends with the stacked containers forming the Magenta “T”, conveying how T-Systems is the perfect fit for the success of their customers. Katharyn White described the idea behind the new website’s design by saying, “Facts and figures – of course, we have to deliver them. But we associate them with stories that appeal to our customers”.

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