TRONADZ Announces the World’s First Decentralized Advertising Platform

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The advertising industry is a multi-billion global business that connects consumers and content creators. The industry creates and manages the link between consumers, products, companies, and translates contents into effective campaigns. In a bid to give more to advertisers and content creators, the team behind TRONADZ is happy to announce to members of the public that it has launched its advert platform to enable content developers to place their ads with ease and be rewarded.

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TRONADZ is a first of its kind advertising project, where publishers and advertisers can advertise their content in a safe and secure manner. It uses smart contract technology to disrupt both the payment and ads industries.

Features of TRONADZ

Below are the features:

1. Ease of Use: The TRONADZ platform is easy to use, as there is no paper work. From registration, verification, investing, and earning, everything is done online.

2. Profits Distribution: All profits generated on the platform are distributed to investors into their personal wallets. You don’t have to complete any withdrawal form or submit any withdrawal request before you receive your bonus.

3. Dedicated Customer Support: It parades a dedicated and committed customer support team that would hold you by the hands and walk you through every aspect of the project.

4. Top Sponsor Pool: TRONADZ rewards top sponsors of the platform by listing their names on the top sponsor dashboard for every member of the community to see.

5. Multi-Income Project: TRONADZ has 4 ways for publishers and advertisers to earn income. The 3 ways are – Matching Bonus, Referral Commission, Daily 1% bonus of your investment.

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To participate in the TRONADZ project, you need to connect to one of these DApp wallets:

1. Mobile (KLEVER App or Tronlink for IOS/Android

2. Tronlink Chrome Browser Extension

The team behind TRONADZ recommends users to download, setup, and use TronLink. TronLink comes with a key vault, token wallet, secure login, and everything required to manage digital assets. TronLink also allows managing several chain wallets from a single point.

Are There Any Risks Investing In TRONADZ?

TRONADZ is totally risk-free. In fact, there is no administrator controlling anything. It is absolutely self-operating and positioned on the blockchain. Your safety is guaranteed because the blockchain cannot be destroyed or changed. All profits are distributed automatically with no human interference.

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