TechBytes with Diaz Nesamoney, CEO at Jivox

TechBytes with Diaz Nesamoney, CEO at Jivox

Hi Diaz, tell us about your adtech predictions and how Google continues to be top of every advertiser’s mind?

For me, in 2021, Google gets out of ad tech.

Due to concerns with being privacy compliant, Google is becoming less ad tech focused and more focused on being primarily a media platform like Facebook, who does not sell ad tech by itself. As a result, brands are turning towards 3rd party ad tech platforms, social media and Amazon to buy ads. Due to increased scrutiny from anti-trust and privacy regulators and before third-party cookies are removed from Chrome forever, I predict Google will start the process of removing themselves from the ad tech space altogether and focus their investments in more lucrative areas.

Tell us a little more about Identity Management Solutions and how it affects consent.

Identity becomes 100% consent based, privacy compliant and owned by brands and their consumers

Marketing without identity is a non-starter for most brands especially as consumers complain about irrelevant ads and lack of personalization. The industry will deliver privacy compliant, consent-based and interoperable identity solutions that are not owned by any single platform and one in which brands and consumers have control over consent.

How do you think IT teams empower would empower Marketing and Sales teams?

More collaboration between marketing and IT

In 2021, we will see more collaboration between marketing and IT departments. With the rise of cyber-attacks, data can easily fall into the wrong hands. As marketing departments gain more data from customers, they need to make sure it is properly protected. A company’s IT department can help marketing by making sure new software is capable of holding and using vast amounts of consumer data safely.

Additionally, I predict we’ll see significant consolidation within marketing tech stacks, allowing brands better control over their data.

Email Marketing — how does it become a champion Marketer’s safest bet in 2021?

Email will become cool again

As more consumers are being forced to stay — and shop — at home, brands will hone their omnichannel approach to meet the consumer where they are through display, social and email marketing. Email marketing specifically has become one of the only ways brands can communicate with their customers in a safe and effective way. By personalizing a message in an email, it can drive consumers to the website to make a purchase. Once a consumer clicks on the email and goes to the brand’s domain, the brand can then leverage first-party data to retarget consumers with additional messaging to bring the interaction full-circle.

Email has been around for nearly 30 years, but I predict it will become cool again as more and more brands rely on it as a valuable part of a consumer journey.

Thank you for answering all our questions!

Diaz Nesamoney is a CEO at Jivox.

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Jivox is transforming the way the world experiences digital marketing. We connect brands with their audiences in the most personalized way: using big data, AI/machine learning, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), customer journey optimization and identity technologies to deliver user-consented omni-channel precision marketing.

With Jivox, brands can track, measure, and optimize customer paths–starting from a brand website, email, or exposure to an advertisement–that are driving engagement and conversions.

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